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having a common center

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Who knows what beautiful and winged life, whose egg has been buried for ages under many concentric layers of woodenness in the dead dry life of society, deposited at first in the alburnum of the green and living tree, which has been gradually converted into the semblance of its well-seasoned tomb -- heard perchance gnawing out now for years by the astonished family of man, as they sat round the festive board -- may unexpectedly come forth from amidst society's most trivial and handselled furniture, to enjoy its perfect summer life at last!
The natural world may be conceived of as a system of concentric circles, and we now and then detect in nature slight dislocations which apprise us that this surface on which we now stand is not fixed, but sliding.
Above him, at the angle of the steep green bank of the terraced garden, was one of those small picturesque surprises common in the old landscape gardening; a kind of small round hill or dome of grass, like a giant mole-hill, ringed and crowned with three concentric fences of roses, and having a sundial in the highest point in the centre.
Mr Verloc, getting off the sofa with ponderous reluctance, opened the door leading into the kitchen to get more air, and thus disclosed the innocent Stevie, seated very good and quiet at a deal table, drawing circles, circles, circles; innumerable circles, concentric, eccentric; a coruscating whirl of circles that by their tangled multitude of repeated curves, uniformity of form, and confusion of intersecting lines suggested a rendering of cosmic chaos, the symbolism of a mad art attempting the inconceivable.
It was worn and weatherstained; the gay colors of its concentric rings were faded; possibly it had been set up in those far-off Victorian days when there was a fashion of archery.
Thus, beginning with the fifteenth century, where our story finds us, Paris had already outgrown the three concentric circles of walls which, from the time of Julian the Apostate, existed, so to speak, in germ in the Grand-Châtelet and the Petit-Châtelet.
According to Concentric, its electric oil pump offers system power savings through its variable pressure and speed control capability with the additional benefits of low noise.
In addition to the company's post-surgical program, Concentric expects to complete a series of pre-clinical research studies by the end of 2017 for CA-011, its program in osteoarthritis.
Concentric closed the acquisition of GKN Sinter Metals de Argentina SA earlier this year and, as a result, it gained an important foothold in the Mercosur trade union, thereby enabling further penetration of the South American commercial vehicle market.
Concentric is a manufacturer of technology oil pumps, water pumps, fuel pumps and hydraulic systems.
4 All interests, in 6952 square metres of hardstanding land comprising shared vehicular and pedestrian access way, outbuildings and car parking spaces for the units within Concentric Park Industrial Estate, east of Priory Road, Aston, Birmingham.
In late August, Concentric Sky developer Yona Appletree - the dome's main visionary - his boss, Wayne Skipper, and several co-workers set up the 30-foot-high dome in Nevada's Black Rock Desert for the annual Burning Man arts festival.
For instance, during concentric elbow flexion, the biceps brachii contracts concentrically, whereas the antagonist muscle, the triceps brachii, contracts mildly eccentrically--to allow movement precision.
Choi Moon-Sok, Chief Executive Officer Concentric Solar Company.
Steven Latham, the Managing Director of Concentric, who himself owns a portfolio more than 120 properties, said: "Rightmove Plus gives agents a better idea of how well they are performing in comparison with other agents.