concentration gradient

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a gradient in concentration of a solute as a function of distance through a solution

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Correlation between serum-ascites albumin concentration gradient and endoscopic parameters of portal hypertension.
Demonstration of a longitudinal concentration gradient along scala tympani by sequential sampling of perilymph from the cochlear apex.
In the process of sulfuric acid corrosion for concrete, OH- diffuses from interior to exterior of concrete under the action of concentration gradient and reacts with [H.sup.+] in the soaking solution to form the reaction boundary layer.
Adsorbed water moves along a surface following a concentration gradient. Note that reality does not have such clean straight surfaces.
It is important to note that at the beginning of the process, diffusion is more rapid due to the greater concentration gradient. As the gradient decreases, the rate of diffusion slows, until a new moisture equilibrium has been reached again.
Next we mix the 95% ethanol into it till its constant volume by shaking evenly and then use the 95% methanol to dilute it into the concentration gradient with ten different grades 100, 50, 25, 12.5, 6.25, 3.125, 1.563, 0.781, 0.391, 0.
Cells were divided into groups with different concentration gradients (0,10, 25, 50, 75, and 100ng/ml) or time points (0, 6, 12, 24, 36, and 48 h), and cell supernatants are collected for sCD137 detection.
The concentration gradient of the gas and the liquid vapor interface increases with increasing S[O.sub.2] concentration, which improves the mass transfer dynamics.
(iii) drug diffusion out of DDS due to drug concentration gradient between release environment and DDS; in time, the polymer matrix swelling will determine a more relaxed polymer network for which the mean free path and implicitly the diffusion coefficient of drug particles are higher;
5nm is only 50 angstroms, meaning readily homebrewed chlorine gas could probably float right in through those pores on the concentration gradient alone.
This could be as a result of the concentration gradient established between Ni (II) ion and the biomass surface charges due to precipitation.
Furthermore, before potassium supplementation, other laboratory results showed : p0 lasma osmolality, 286 mosm/kg (250-330 mosm/kg); urine osmolality, 419 mosm/kg (50-1200 mosm/kg); spot urine potassium concentration, 9 mmol/L (25-125 mmol/day); spot urine creatinine concentration, 6.46 mmol/L; urine potassium-creatinine concentration ratio, 1.39; and transtubular potassium concentration gradient (TTKG), 2.36 (calculated by [urine/serum potassium]/[urine/serum osmolality]).
Using the pressure gradient and concentration gradient of the log allows the dye solution to permeate and diffuse into the log uniformly.
Fick's law of diffusion--analogous to the law of conduction heat transfer--states that diffusion proceeds opposite to concentration gradients. For a prismatic medium of cross-sectional area A, Ficks's law states that the total ion flow rate, Q, is related to concentration gradient, [partial derivative]c/[partial derivative]x, as follows:
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