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Synonyms for concentration

Synonyms for concentration

a converging at a common center

concentration of the mental powers on something

Synonyms for concentration

the spatial property of being crowded together

strengthening the concentration (as of a solute in a mixture) by removing diluting material

bringing together military forces

great and constant diligence and attention

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In cases where the P53 concentration exceeds a certain set point, the tumour suppressor protein contributes to its own inactivation by up-regulating the transcription of not only HDM2, but also S100B.
The identified concentration of Cr exceeded neither the background quantity nor the MPC in any of the samples.
Because the concentration measurements indicated that this contamination was not naturally derived, we analyzed other materials for lead concentrations and lead isotopic composition to determine possible sources of the increase in lead in cocoa products.
Due to recycle concentration, an average mill can have as much as 3000 mg/kg of calcium in hardwood brownstock pulp.
The first concentration camps were built in 1933 to imprison Hitler's political enemies.
The model measures the evolution of spore concentration in the air, on the room surfaces, and in the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) system.
The limit of quantification (LoQ) is strictly the lowest concentration of the analyte that can be determined with an acceptable level of repeatability precision and trueness.
Similarly, recognition of the "concentration premium" should be factored into merger and acquisition considerations.
Background: Despite dramatic declines in children's blood lead concentrations and a lowering of the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions level of concern to 10 [micro]g per deciliter (0.483 [micro]mol per liter), little is known about children's neurobehavioral functioning at lead concentrations below this level.
But two additional factors that previously were linked to high concentrations of homocysteine in the blood are under re-examination.
If the concentration of ambient NO is less than the concentration of NO in the reservoir, diffusion from the reservoir to the ambient air can be expected.
The effects of the growing concentration have been the subject of countless studies, congressional hearings and controversy.
In addition, the fluorescence intensity depends directly on concentration of fluorophore in the sensing volume, molecular extinction coefficient, and the quantum yield.