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Synonyms for conceivable

Synonyms for conceivable

capable of being anticipated, considered, or imagined

Synonyms for conceivable

capable of being imagined


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It's directed by Emmy winner Tom Hooper ("Elizabeth I") from a screenplay by current Oscar nominee Peter Morgan, whose scripts for "The Queen" and "The King of Scotland" have helped win virtually every acting award conceivable for Helen Mirren and Forest Whitaker.
Indeed, it is a very good thing, Bhagwati argues, despite its foes' protests that it is a tool for corporations to take over the world; its emergence as a rallying cry for every conceivable kind of protectionism; and its sometimes damaging impact on a specific economy, a part of the environment or time-honored business-as-usual.
We have added every convenience conceivable for observant Jewish families, but the apartments are so well-designed that our buying audience is potentially unlimited.
It was a partnership for a new age, wrote one army planner in 1956, a "scientist-soldier team whose joint function is to outguess any conceivable enemy in any conceivable future situation.
We can never know exactly of course, but it is conceivable that millions might have been saved.
Black-and-white photographs nicely illustrate this combination memoir and travelogue devoted to the quest for every sportfish conceivable in America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela waters.
As a matter of fact, the situation is quite paradoxical: while scientific and mathematical research of the most advanced standards had been developed and worked out in Arabic in the urban centres of the Islamicate for a period of seven centuries, is it at all conceivable that philosophers, who were often themselves mathematicians, doctors, and so forth, would have remained recluse in their philosophical activity, totally oblivious to the mutations taking place under their eyes, and completely blind to the successive scientific results that were then being achieved?
Unlike the modest and limited entity envisioned by the Framers of our Constitution, which was intended to protect individual rights and property, the contemporary state is depicted, by those who worship it, as a secular savior endowed with the power to rectify all injustices and protect its subjects from every conceivable hardship or danger.
A student complaint about evolution instruction "is conceivable," Horowitz claimed in a reason online debate in 2003, "but under the Academic Bill of Rights it would be dismissed.
Of what conceivable interest, you snort, are estate agents to us?
According to the court, the detainee failed to identify any conceivable way in which the information contained in the letters, even if read by jail officials, interfered with his defense or hindered his access to the courts.
Working on the film, she says, "made falling in love with a woman seem conceivable to me.
Although it's conceivable that these programs have changed to one degree or another in the months or years since publication, revisiting them can engender its own reward: an encouraging feeling that despite all the problems posed by the outside world, the unsung professionals of long-term care are doing good things for people under their care.
In his notes on the collector included in The Arcades Project, Walter Benjamin wrote that "what is decisive in collecting is that the object is detached from all its original functions in order to enter into the closest conceivable relation to things of the same kind.
They were a great civilization centuries ahead of their time in every conceivable facet.