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Synonyms for conceit

Synonyms for conceit

an impulsive, often illogical turn of mind

to find agreeable

Synonyms for conceit

feelings of excessive pride

an elaborate poetic image or a far-fetched comparison of very dissimilar things

a witty or ingenious turn of phrase

an artistic device or effect

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Whether the particular narrative about motherhood has women conscripted into service by capitalism or feminism, what's missing is a coolheaded free market analysis, which would regard women as actors in an arena of choices, without the conceit of top-down management.
Tam Van Tran's third show at Cohan and Leslie betrayed a connection, albeit an oblique one, to such historical concerns, if not to such pictorial conceits.
Lacking East Asian conceits (and very popular with Asian-Canadian women, perhaps on that account) is Toronto's Pussy Palace.
After struggling with all kinds of conceits and psyches all our life, we no longer believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.
With Additions of New Characters, and many other Wittie Conceits never before Printed (London: 1622), Beecher's text offers a smorgasbord of literary tidbits and table scraps fallen from among the high, middle, and low of Jacobean English literati, including Cook, Dekker, Donne, Ford, Goodyer, Jonson, Roe, Rudyerd, Shelton, Strachey, Webster, and Wotton.
It seems to so many people that there is no viable alternative between the various anthropocentric conceits of the past, most of which are veiled in the language of religion, and the mindless narcissism of contemporary commercialism.
Now what might those conceits of the Reformation be?
These small conceits, which only an anthologist can smile about, make it hard for us to truly retire.
The film is not contaminated by televisual constraints or conceits.
But as in the evening-length Baseball, also presented (together with a mixed bill, which I didn't see) during this New York season, Pendleton waters down often-brilliant theatrical conceits by presenting them in a relentless, yet chopped-up, emanation of ingenuity.
Of all our conceits, nuclear weapons are the most lavish.
Even before his conversion, his religious poems reflected a straining, passionate mysticism and a love of lush, sensuous imagery and ornate conceits, in the manner of the Marinist Italian poetry of the 16th and early 17th centuries.
One of the many clever conceits of ``Life on Mars'' is how it plays in many ways like a '70s cop show, from its visual palate consisting mainly of browns, greens and umbers (except for reds, which pop out vividly) to its often-cheesy action sequences (rolling over car hoods, jumping over desks as a literal leap to action, two guys punching one crook simultaneously).
Randolph contends that the same conceits of love and affection that framed the rhetoric of participatory politics of the oligarchy also "became a central myth of Medici authority" (77).
Though it deals with many of Flight's themes (the homosexual mindset, the old man-young man relationship, the power of the flesh), it does so "straight"--no literary conceits, no artistic bells and whistles here.