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Synonyms for concealed

Synonyms for concealed

screened from the view of oncoming drivers


lying beyond what is obvious or avowed

Synonyms for concealed

not accessible to view

hidden on any grounds for any motive

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He slipped into the first room that he saw, and concealed himself behind the curtain.
As his plighted wife, it should be her privilege to know what the black veil concealed. At the minister's first visit, therefore, she entered upon the subject with a direct simplicity, which made the task easier both for him and her.
Hooper's conscience tortured him for some great crime too horrible to be entirely concealed, or otherwise than so obscurely intimated.
The captain, illumining with trembling pine-torch this frightful carnage, of which he in vain sought the cause, drew back towards the pillar behind which Porthos was concealed. Then a gigantic hand issued from the shade, and fastened on the throat of the captain, who uttered a stifle rattle; his stretched-out arms beating the air, the torch fell and was extinguished in blood.
As she leaned back on the sofa on which she was sitting, Madame de Belliere covered the paper with the thick folds of her large silk dress, and so concealed it.
"Money does not die, Marguerite; it may be concealed, but it can be looked for, bought and found."
Her perfidious friend's voice had assumed the most affectionate tone; she spoke as a woman, but concealed the instincts of a wolf.
The former JMO had been found to have destroyed and concealed vital evidence in the murder of Wasim Thajudeen.
The process is known as the concealed information test, which is used in the field in Japan.
(TAP) - A passenger screening team at the Tunis Carthage International Airport seized a large quantity of cocaine concealed in the luggage of a Tunisian passenger coming from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), with a stop in Casablanca (Morocco).
Concealed information tests work because a person who is hiding something will 'give away' what they are concealing when faced with it in a list.
Police on Monday seized 500kg of dry khat packed in 52 bags concealed as tea packets during screening at JKIA, the DCI has said.
I have a concealed carry permit and I want to keep it that way--concealed.
Giving some of the operations details, ANF said in an intelligence based operation, ANF Rawalpindi intercepted ISUZU Mini Truck at Exit point of Motorway Toll Plaza, M-1, Islamabad and recovered 24 Kg Hashish concealed in tool box of the truck.
Earlier on January 31, personnel of the ANF recovered drugs concealed in oranges during checking of luggage of a Doha-bound passenger of Qatar Airways at the search desk set up at BKIA.