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Synonyms for concatenation

the state of being linked together as in a chain

the linking together of a consecutive series of symbols or events or ideas etc

a series of things depending on each other as if linked together


the act of linking together as in a series or chain

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Or, we could use the concatenation operator (&) instead, as shown here: =A2 & ":" & B2
The aim of the study--to analyze the concatenation of different ECG parameters during various physical tasks by applying new analysis technologies.
The ARROW-2xGE is the first commercially available device to integrate the Gigabit Ethernet PHY, SERDES and MAC function together with Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) mapping and Virtual Concatenation (VC) for standards-based Gigabit Ethernet into SONET implementations.
Contiguous concatenation, however, is difficult in multicarrier topologies because most of the installed base does not provide the clear channel transport required.
The result is that Shipler comes across less as a guiding intelligence through his concatenation of voices than as an accidental tourist or a foreign correspondent, sending letters back home from a strange land.
The Internet is that concatenation of linked computer networks that allows far-flung researchers, writers, and citizens instant or almost-instant access to the latest scientific research, weather data, or even just letters from friends.
principles, use, and comparison of explicit and virtual concatenation.
Cardiovascular signals are largely analyzed using traditional time and frequency domain measures, but these measures fail to indicate the dynamics of inter-parametric concatenation which is related to multiscale organization and nonequilibrium dynamics.
The visual concatenation somewhat tempers the confusion engendered by the artist's self-styled "rhizomatic" practice, in which each exhibition is a temporary alignment of his nonhierarchical and divergent responses to the world (Francois is an itinerant artist).
These project from the back of the old building as a large, shiny metal box with, in bright supergraphics, the name of the department: 'Lume', which has a strange concatenation of meanings from delirium to delusion, vision to fantasy.
It supports pointer processing at STS-1 granularity for STS-192 and scalable concatenation levels STS-3c to STS-192c for a seamless upgrade path to STS-768 and provides extensive performance, error and alarming functions.
The reader is left wondering how the concatenation of Shakespeare, Primaudaye and Freud illuminates any one of these writers or the demonic (demonized?
To wit: The largest piece here consisted of an airy grid of orange and blue threads spread through the main space at an oblique angle to the floor, anchored between a column, a wall, and a concatenation of what looked like toy ladders.
Even in the dormitory wing with its concatenation of six and eight person bunkrooms, the access route swells and dips to encourage small meeting points and visual stimulation.