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Synonyms for concatenate

to make into a whole by joining a system of parts

Words related to concatenate

combine two strings to form a single one

add by linking or joining so as to form a chain or series

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The CONCAT function replaces CONCATENATE, and Microsoft recommends using it going forward, as CONCATENATE is available only for backwards compatibility.
In chapter 5, Klein contrasts concatenate thinkers (Adam Smith, Hayek, and Ronald Coase) to those who focused on cooperation (primarily Carl Menger).
Use the concatenate function once again to convert the title, main author, and shortened URL columns into one cell.
are proof positive that he could not possibly have been referring to dovetail coordination, but must have been referring to concatenate coordination.
The other drawback to using INDIRECT is that you can't use it to concatenate together a drive, path, file name, sheet name, and cell reference to pull data from external workbooks.
It is that metaphor that K-B want to invoke for the Hayekian understanding of concatenate coordination.
To encode, concatenate three digits at least as great as A - 1 to the information.
The Matrix Concatenate block concatenates the signals at its inputs to create an output signal whose elements reside in contiguous locations in memory.
In such a case, the government officials would not be attempting mutual coordination, but instead would be seeking concatenate coordination: they would be arranging motorists like chess pieces to achieve a pleasing (i.
The solution involves combining IIF with the LEN function to locate four-digit ZIP codes within a text field and then an ampersand (&) to concatenate the leading zero to the front of that field.