con man

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a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim

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The judge at Leicester Crown Court spared him jail after hearing that the con man, then 22, was from the travelling community and had no formal education.
said the con man pretended to know him and claimed that he had done business with him before through M.
An accountant, Sheryl Weinstein had blamed the con man for stealing her family's savings and in her published book claimed that she had an extramarital affair with Madoff, the report added.
It has to be borne in mind that the defendant is undoubtedly a professional con man.
The warning comes after recent co-operative efforts resulted in three men being intercepted over suspected travelling con man activity.
BEIRUT: A con man claiming to be Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour is trying to convince people to make charitable donations, the minister's office warned Friday.
Ron Thomas foiled a con man who asked for his bank details over the phone by ringing trading standards Picture: HADYN IBALL
A con man can't pull a scam on a person who checks him out.
Telling it All: My Life as a Con Man is the true-life memoir of professional African-American con man "Alabama Fats", as told to author Steven Levi.
He was a mobster, a con man and a thief -- serving two prison terms in the '80s for it.
Her husband Tom, who is a con man, prostitutes her nightly to keep himself in new suits and spending money.
The publication described Allison as "a brazen con man who helped pastors set up dictatorial churches, through which they enriched themselves by convincing followers that God required them to give their money to the pastor.
Confidence (2003) A con man, played by Edward Burns, goes into debt to the Mafia after his latest victim turns out to be a mob accountant.
My parents are in their 90s and I really fear for them - if they were to be targeted by a con man like this, it would be very hard for them to know what to do.
The manic-depressive con man, who became renowned for his sexual exploits, was finally treated with electroshock therapy.