con artist

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a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim

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During a phone call with Richard (Parker Young) last episode, Maddie found out that Max turned on his fellow con artist and lover, Sally (Katherine LaNasa), after she tried to run away with Gary's money.
Rather than viewing her as a heroine or pioneering figure in gender issues, as previous historians have done, the author paints Loreta Velasquez as a con artist and liar.
Abu Dhabi Police urged the public to be wary of strangers and not to fall victim to such phone and online cons, especially if people make suspicious requests, adding that people should be careful as con artists exploit the kindness and generosity of their potential victims.
5 THE COLOUR OF MONEY (1986) PAU P L Newman back again, this time as Fast Eddie Felson teaching Vincent (Tom Cruise) how to make at living as a con artist.
5 THE COLOUR OF MONEY (1986) PAUL Newman back again, this time as Fast Eddie Felson teaching Vincent (Tom Cruise) how to make a living as a con artist.
It's about distraction,'' explains Nicky, the con artist played by Will Smith in "Focus,'' the consistently entertaining new film by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa ("Crazy, Stupid, Love.
The con artist is described as white, in his 30s, of thin athletic build with short greying hair.
A front-running Windsor winner on his reappearance, Con Artist went on to beat all bar Emerging Artist in a much hotter handicap at Newbury next time, when he looked all over the winner two out.
Nevertheless, Con Artist emerged with much credit in defeat and back against his own age group this time in the Guy Salmon Handicap, he is taken to return to form.
A half-brother to a decent German runner, Con Artist cost 75,000 guineas at the sales in April and looks a likely juvenile type on breeding.
Once your money is turned over, it is gone--the only person enjoying a high-yield, tax-free return is the con artist.
But some involve real estate deals or other scams; the incident where the con artist used McCollum's name involved a fraudulent wire transfer.
His pal Lou (John Scurti) frittered his life savings away on a pretty con artist, while his boss (Jack McGee) was forced to place his dementia-afflicted wife in a nursing home.
But prosecutors said she was actually a con artist without any physical limitations.
The woman he marries is a con artist keeping company with an unscrupulous Puritan preacher.