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the quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability

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Caption: The tenant wanted a design that inspired collaboration and comradery.
In the midst of all the craziness happening in the world today, it's nice to know that technology, and the spirit of human innovation in general, still seeks to improve our lives and creates a special comradery among designers and visionaries.
Hallstar will celebrate O'Rourke's accomplishments with an evening of drinks and hors d'oeuvres, comradery and laughs as they toast O'Rourke's successful career, a job well done and a happy retirement with all of his friends in the industry.
We make no distinction between any of the Israeli football teams that are active in the IFA and have players from different nationalities and backgrounds playing together in comradery and full cooperation, regardless of where the clubs are located.
It would have been interesting to learn more about inter-ethnic comradery, and about relations with other anarchists and traditionally "deviant" groups.
The groups offered support from LGBT people and allies, resources for students, education for those unfamiliar with LGBT issues, and a sense of comradery for similar-minded students who felt marginalized.
From the reason the squad gets created, to the unexplained sense of comradery they feel towards each other, over the desperate trial of humanising these criminals and making us cheer for them, all the way to the laughable way that the main villain of the movie rises to power, nothing but the thought that everything is wrong with this plot comes to mind while watching.
Accessible to both buy and sell, endlessly customizable, and unisex, they have the potential to express both comradery and individuality.
I look forward to another season of fun at the cabin that will certainly include fishing, campfires, and comradery.
This is the 37th time the two teams meet in a spirit of comradery and good fellowship in the Roudhan Indoor Soccer Competition which is held every year during the month of Ramadan.
You will love the support and comradery of the union.
In addition, it's such a wonderful community of comradery supporting the field of sports medicine and facilitating active lifestyles.
Later that year Knudsen and the aforementioned regional manager both attended the company's annual motorcycle run, by chance, and covered 500 miles of open road together, forming a comradery and friendship along the way.
A Playing great music, be that blues or rock, good comradery in the band and having a fantastic time doing what we love to do.
The PWRDF funded program has allowed healthy partnerships to be built along with a sense of comradery in saving the Nuu-chah-nulth language.