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However, if a computer user stumbles upon an unsecured website, ActiveX or Java languages can be used to create malicious code that can communicate directly with the user's machine, giving hackers access to computer data and the entire network.
Spam (unwanted but harmless e-mail), the curse of computer users with slow modems through expensive telephone connections, resembles bacterial commensals that can injure the host only under specific conditions.
Within hours, and at virtually no cost, a computer user sitting at home could develop a huge database and have the power of a large publishing company at his fingertips.
Normally, computer users expect their computers to be quiet -- except for an occasional beep when an error surfaces, the hum of a fan or the click of keystrokes.
Yet despite the multitude of threats to computer data, the majority of computer users never back up their PCs because of complexity, time or cost.
As programmers and computer users across the United States walk out the office door every evening, an army of professionals here, halfway around the world, is preparing to carry on where they have left off.
Starting in August 2006, students with expertise in security, human-computer interaction (HCI) and design will form two-person teams and prepare project proposals that address the challenges of creating security technologies that are intuitive to the everyday computer user.
He said Caltrans wanted to reach the thousands of computer users who with the help of the Internet home pages can now better plan their trips from home or to work.
today announced that their AlphaShield Hardware Firewall guarantees high speed Internet computer users protection from security vulnerabilities and risks that include Internet worms, credit card fraud and identity theft.
adult computer users, commissioned by Intel Corporation(R) and conducted by Harris Interactive(R), reveals that 34 percent of respondents or their families have taken a laptop PC with them on vacation(1) and half (51 percent) of all respondents are likely to take a laptop PC on a future vacation(2).
To protect their investment, home computer users must perform regular maintenance.
Computer users create large amounts of content each day.
Two fine additions to O'Reilly's very basic 'Annoyances' series will reach all levels of home computer users who want to fix the most annoying things about computer hardware.
Interested computer users can preorder LindowsOS at a $30 discount by visiting Lindows.
In a preliminary ruling last November, the federal judge hearing the case concluded that Microsoft is a corporate bully which hurt computer users by raising the price of software and limiting consumers' choice of competing products.
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