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Akitio offers external computer storage products and accessories with an emphasis on Thunderbolt 3 technology.
One, the coding units are very small, less than half a nanometer to a side, where the transistors of a modern, advanced computer storage drive struggle to beat the 10 nanometer mark.
said Monday it will merge April 1 Hitachi Information & Communication Engineering Ltd., a server and network device unit, and Hitachi Computer Peripherals Co., a computer storage equipment arm, in an effort at integrating and reinforcing the group's resources for designing and developing network and information devices.
25 -- Scientists from the North Carolina State University have developed what has been considered the holy-grail of computer storage and memory - 'universal' memory that both serves as dynamic random access memory and flash storage.
About Us: SimplyNAS is an innovative computer storage vendor providing solutions across the board for customers from all walks of life.
He established a computer storage technology firm in 1978, made a fortune and sold it in 1999.
Her extremist views were discovered when she accidentally dropped a pen drive computer storage device containing terror-related documents while she was being questioned at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport.
Specialist computer storage manufacturer Seagate (Nasdaq:STX) on Wednesday introduced a line-up of new storage solutions and accessories for the Mac.
Jerry Jalava has built a special prosthetic finger which contains computer storage for photos, movies and other useful files.
According to an Associated Press report, police conducting an October 2006 drug bust in her home aimed at her roommate found the sensitive data on a portable computer storage drive and in about 200 pages of paper documents.
Emulex Corporation, Costa Mesa, Calif., has been awarded best Computer Storage Product for its VMPilot(tm) management application at AeA's 14th Annual High-Tech Innovation Awards.
PC World will no longer stock the computer storage devices once its existing supplies have been sold.
They describe the creative thinking under optimal decision making, computer storage and networking in optimal KM/WM systems, software, development and management, and applications ranging from corporate planning, marketing, finance and manufacturing, with case studies.
The safe destruction and disposal of a growing stream of electronic scrap and computer storage media is now a major recycling priority in this and many other countries.
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