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Computer software also does not include a database or similar accumulated information unless it is in the public domain and is incidental to the computer software.
511 trillion electronics and computer software and services production.
A myriad of reasons exists for quantifying the value of a firm's computer software.
The debate stems from a 1980 federal law that says computer software should be protected by copyright rather than by patent.
CONTACT: Joyce Plotkin of the Massachusetts Computer Software Council, 617-437-0600, or Doug Black or Carol DeMatteo of Miller Communications, 617-536-0470, for the Software Council/ CO: Massachusetts Computer Software Council; Lotus Development Corp.
Its valuable assets include a library of computer algorithms and computer software modules used to speed the development of software and media products.
and the SkyTel network will add tremendous value to hundreds of computer software programs that are in daily use.
JPSA implements surveys related to intellectual property rights protection, and the development and distribution of personal computer software, and also promotes standardization and standards unification related to logistics.
The Council will also release the 1992 Complete Guide to the Massachusetts Computer Software Industry, a comprehensive directory of more than 1400 software companies, in cooperation with Mass Tech Times and sponsored by Arthur Andersen.
ECS), a privately held computer software developer and publisher focusing on products related to music and music education.
Publicly traded Computer Software Innovations, Inc (OTCBB:CSWI) is a full service company providing software and technology solutions to public sector organizations.
This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in computer software publishing or publishing and reproduction.
In a generic legal advice memorandum, the IRS Office of Chief Counsel concluded that a bank does not derive domestic production gross receipts (DPGR) from the disposition of computer software when it allows customers to download a free mobile phone app providing access to the banks online fee-based services.
97-50's guidelines on the costs of converting or replacing computer software to be Y2K compliant.
Gary Locke today signed an executive order designed to prevent the illegal acquisition and distribution of computer software in Washington state government.
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