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(computer science) the technique of representing the real world by a computer program

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Foundries increasingly are using computer simulation tools daily.
Goulds Pumps eliminated the guesswork in sprue cup design by testing its gating systems with computer simulations.
The results from the computer simulation helped determine the optimal number of workers for the coreroom, that the core dipping station should be automated, not manual, and that non-accumulating conveyors should move the cores to the molding line.
The computer simulations can be rearranged so that you look at the past history [of the universe] just as if you were using a telescope," comments Richard S.
Computer Simulation Technology will use MeshSim and GeomSim to enhance the meshing capabilities of their CST Studio series product line.
The researchers used computer simulations to identify the amino acids important for stabilization, and then they methodically replaced individual amino acids in the B.
In designing and investigating mechanisms that vaguely mimic human geometry and that walk without control, Ruina and his coworkers have been extending McGeer's research with a combination of mathematical analysis, computer simulation, and experiment.
As for most of the advanced nuclear technologies developed today, computer simulation is one of the most important and necessary steps.
Bostrom's simulation argument and two additional assumptions imply that we are likely to live in a computer simulation.
Using their new bedrock elevation map for the Antarctic continent, the researchers created a computer simulation of the initiation of the Antarctic ice sheets.
Question 9 asked students about the use of computer simulation software for revision of other topics, for example, histology, where they did not complete a computer-simulated exercise in a practical class.
He finds that focus about midway through the movie, when an ESPN computer simulation predicts that Rocky Balboa would beat Dixon if both were able to fight in their primes.
FEA computer simulation is also proving to be a valuable tool for diagnosing stubborn ultrasonic welding problems.
An introduction to computer simulation methods; applications to physical systems, 3d ed.
An accurate computer simulation of climate does not yet exist.
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