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a scientist who specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computers

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UCSD computer scientist, Stefan Savage, and colleagues claimed that they were able to disable the brakes on a 2013 Corvette by breaking into a Mobile Devices/Metromile Pulse dongle, used by insurance companies to monitor driving in exchange for discounts on coverage.
Bill Hibbard, a computer scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, doesn't make quite as bold a prediction, but he's nevertheless confident AI will have human-level intelligence some time in the 21st century.
Claytronics is so far out that computer scientist Peter Lee, who's also at Carnegie Mellon, was dumbfounded when Goldstein told him about it.
The team's computer scientist reviews the programming language to ensure that the information being reviewed is consistent with the model's operations.
While the possibility of a voting machine virus had been hypothesized by other researchers, the new study shows that the threat is real, comments computer scientist Douglas W.
Jain, a computer scientist at Michigan State University in East Lansing.
To test this sound theory, paleontologist Philip Currie of the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, Canada, and computer scientist Nathan Myhrvold (right) of the Microsoft Corporation created computer simulations of dino tails, The simulations would tell them if it was possible for a dino tail to travel faster than sound.
Williamson and computer scientist Carl Diegert worked for two years re-creating the sound by using a parasaurolophus skull unearthed in northwestern New Mexico in 1995 by Williamson and Robert Sullivan of the State Museum of Pennsylvania.
Beyond school, whether a computer scientist is employed in academia or industry, an interest in social implications of computing must be satisfied outside of working hours, after one's real work is done, if it is to be satisfied at all.
We're looking for simplicity and scalability," said John Johnson, a LLNL computer scientist.
PROGRAMMING THE UNIVERSE: A Quantum Computer scientist Takes On the Cosmos SETH LLOYD
Charles Palmer, a slender, bearded, 40-year-old computer scientist, looked on with pride at the members of his team.
Other pseudorandom-number generators are also widely used, including some that have serious flaws, says David Wagner, a computer scientist at the University of California, Berkeley.
Computer scientist Oliver McBryan had a problem working on a virtual model of a flying airplane: The Internet is so slow it would take 100 days to download one simulation.
Transitive(TM) Corporation, the leading provider of software that enables transportability of applications across multiple processor and operating system pairs, today announced that eminent computer scientist Dr.
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