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the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures


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It is an effective way to do the job of ideological and political work of college students whose major is computer science.
Not only is a career in computer science extremely exciting and rewarding, graduates are also sought-after - according to recent research by the Tech Partnership, over 50% of businesses in the digital sector report hard-to-fill vacancies.
Three major cities, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, have separately announced some sort of "universal" computer science initiative.
The key focus for this article is on computer science (which we use for consistency throughout) as a separate subject distinct from the use of computers to support learning in other areas of the curriculum.
Most parents say computer science learning is at least as important to a student's future success as required courses such as math, science, history and English.
The graduate chair's response was, 'Hey, computer science is not for everybody.
"The new computer science curriculum will enable us to teach students more advanced skills than ever before when they arrive at university, benefiting both the university, them personally and industry when they graduate."
The main difference between a BSc Computer Science and a BTech Computer Science programme is that after four years the student will be eligible for an MTech, says Dagar the vocational college principal.
Asa Hutchinson on Tuesday announced that his office is hosting the first-ever National Computer Science Summit for State Leaders on June 10.
Jamil Ahmad visited Computer Science Department of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, ( M A J U ) Karachi yesterday to review Computer Science and Software Engineering academic program, Library, Lab and other facilities provided to students.
He informed that sufficient facilities for Computer Science students regarding Software Engineering, Robotics, programing and simulation, computing, advance network, artificial intelligence, digital, electricity and magnetism, advance electronic, laptop and research labs, smart class room and digital library are available here at MAJU.
Discrete mathematics is the basis of much of computer science, from algorithms and automata theory to combinatorics and graph theory.
Greenwood, IN, February 22, 2019 --( At the Indiana Department of Education Computer Science Curriculum Showcase in Greenwood, Indiana on February 21, 2019, CodeHS announced the first blended computer science course fully aligned to Indiana computer science standards.
KHAIRPUR -- A software exhibition was organised by Department of Computer Science at Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur on Friday.
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