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suitable for feeding directly into a computer

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Structuring content in this way opens up many opportunities for manipulation that would not otherwise be possible, (72) or would be more difficult and less reliable without a consistent computer readable structure.
The method usually followed by the USPTO to determine patentability in the case of data structure encoded in a computer readable medium is based on guidelines on computer-related inventions.
It works by producing a web-page of data with a series of computer readable tags embedded within it.
As members are aware we are in process of converting the complete run of BAA Journals since 1890 into computer readable (PDF) form.
According to the organization's website, XBRL provides each item on a financial filing with a tag that is computer readable. This allows for a computer to identify individual parts of a company's data and, consequently, to analyze it, store it or share it with other companies.
If the business method can be configured as a computer program to be distributed on a CD, DVD, or downloaded via the Internet, a set of patent claims classified as "computer readable medium" claims is appropriate.
Certain steps are required to ensure that the software meets the current examination guidelines of the USPTO, such as ensuring that the software or data structure is operated upon by a computer processor, or is stored on a computer readable media.
The coordinates can be recorded on a computer readable medium, or are part of a video memory, where they can be used as part of a system for studying for studying TACE.
A software licence, generally, only grants use of the object code (that part of the software which is translated into a computer readable form).
When the user moves the device over text, an in-built digital video camera takes pictures and then transforms the information into computer readable text via an OCR system.
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