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work visa as the country has ruled that being a simple computer programmer would no longer qualify as a specialist profession, which is a must for the issue of an H-1B work visa.
Swansea resident and British computer programmer Alan Cox will receive an honorary fellowship tomorrow.
Twelve-year-old Raf, however, does not look twelve; this is confusing, because he is also introduced as a computer programmer working at a pet supply store.
But a computer programmer flounders as it is very hard to translate subjective assessments of a horse's physique into numbers.
Dr Beurle, from Brixton, south London, was a computer programmer in the astronomy department of Queen Mary, University of London and a qualified scuba diving instructor.
He used to be a computer programmer in Newport before a failed relationship and alcohol addiction left him homeless.
Mum Louise, who is also a computer programmer, had to endure 72 hours of labour.
After serving in Korea, Litton--a lifetime math buff--set his mind on becoming a computer programmer and got a job developing an insurance program for a developer.
Next week, Chris Jobin, an American computer programmer who lost his job to outsourcing, treks to India to experience life through the prism of those who have benefited, if only slightly, from the plight of millions of unemployed Americans.
From fine-tuning tools and strategies to partitioning techniques, global indexes, C-based externals and more, Expert Oracle should be a mainstay on the shelves of any serious computer programmer.
We're living in a computer age, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can put an age requirement on a computer programmer.
A trained computer programmer, he has trained people in basic computer courses, among others.
For Madrice Guy, a 24-year-old computer programmer and a rising senior majoring in applied information technology at the University of Baltimore, recycling black dollars is the key to financial empowerment.
Computer programmer William Brown, 31, of Edinburgh, prowled streets near his home in the city's Gorgie area in a bid to find couples in the act.
After graduating from Confederation College as a computer programmer analyst in 1995, the Thunder Bay native worked as a systems administrator for Bay Net, the region's largest ISP at the time, before going to work for a Web development startup company.
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