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Christoffer Nellaker, Andrew Zisserman and their colleagues at the University of Oxford have designed a computer program to detect disorders and make correct diagnosis by using a photograph of the patient.
Each state has its own rules and may not recognize an exemption similar to California's custom computer program exemption or electronic delivery.
To determine which gene or genes the LAT microRNA might be acting on, Fraser's team used another computer program to search for complementary DNA segments.
To prepare for a second try at the rescue mission, Furman and Anthony Talpak, 12, focused on fixing the computer program.
Definitions: However, the term "back-to-back computer program licensing arrangement" is defined narrowly as a transaction or series of transactions in which (1) a domestic corporation (the master licensor) transfers a copyright right in a computer program or a copy of the computer program (as defined in Regs.
According to a specific example of the patented technology, predetermined data characterizing correct installation of a computer program is first identified and then a detection operation is carried out.
Gascon also wants the computer program to be able to analyze the backgrounds of suspects to see if their backgrounds and criminal records are similar to those who have gone on to commit violent crimes.
One key to starting an effective computer program, says Grad, is to begin slowly and let residents create the demand.
Calderone lingered in a coma following a devastating stroke, his adult daughters, faced with the question of whether to put him on life support, turned to a computer program called LifePath.
The tangible assets of a dot-com are generally a computer program and a Web address.
A well-designed computer program should entice the beginner with enough useful effects to make him or her want to spend time exploring its more powerful features.
The simple computer program enables users to compare four buildings and does the math for all the available benefits and lease comparisons.
Reliance on a result-oriented computer program removes the most important element from the process--appraiser judgment.
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