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a keyboard that is a data input device for computers

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For example, MRSA resulted in recovery of bacteria on hands 92% of the time with 5 touches, versus 42% of the time after 1 touch of the computer keyboard.
Within the control room, computer keyboards are conspicuously absent.
As modern professionals become more involved with different media-related activities during the work day--such as online meetings, video conferences, webinars, video tutorials, product demos, podcasts, communicating via Skype, or participating in Google+ Hangouts--it's important that they have convenient access to media controls on the computer keyboard that's directly in front of them," said Daniel Guermeur, creator of the Das Keyboard and CEO of Metadot Corporation.
Notes can be entered via a computer keyboard, a MIDI keyboard or by importing MIDI files.
anthracis was identified in 2 of 12 specimens obtained on October 5: from the index patient's computer keyboard and his mailbox in the company mailroom.
After youve sitting at your computer keyboard typing all day, you may begin to feel some discomfort in your wrists, hands or arms.
Easy to use, the 26" x 11" x 5" unit fits like a lid over a standard computer keyboard, or over a group of iPhones, iPads and more, to rid your electronic devices of bacteria and viruses in about 30 seconds.
Composers can create music using an electronic keyboard or a computer keyboard and mouse.
Unotron's S6000K keyboard features Unotron's exclusive patented SpillSeal[R] internal protection and has the only airtight design that looks and feels like a standard computer keyboard on the outside but can be completely sterilized.
MusicGoals by Eye and Ear and Rhythm work with computer keyboard or MIDI instruments, and both programs have unlimited user capacity.
Even more interesting, however are the products from Comfy Interactive Movies, an Israeli company whose Comfy Keyboard products fit over a regular computer keyboard and allow very young children to perform a wide array of computer tasks without totally trashing your machine.
Are the computer keyboard and monitor in a good position?
Findings show that a computer keyboard and mouse in a first grade classroom tested positive for the same norovirus that was identified in stool specimens taken from two of the 103 infected persons at the school, which had a total of 380 students and staff members.
They attach either a Tonka toy workbench or the cockpit of Han Solo's Millennium Falcon from Star Wars to a computer keyboard.
The event marks the first time that a computer keyboard instrument has been played live at the Super Bowl.
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