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TANF and VR can generate computer lists of mutual clients and plans to create a common computer database through the one-stop system.
Computer Database features a collection of over 100 leading business and consumer publications and is ideal for identifying product evaluations, trade names, user techniques, language revisions, and computer industry standards and specifications.
Love says that citizens need a new "library card" to read and study these computer databases.
Since the computer database contains two print indexes (ERIC Resources in Education and Current Index to Journals in Education), a computer search can be considered the equivalent of two manual searches at one time.
The report also includes industry definition, 5-year historical trends on industry sales, establishments and employment and estimates on up to 10 sub-industries, including telephone directory publishing and printing on site and computer database publishing.
A computer database linked Rook's DNA to Martin's killer, authorities said.
Date 1986) The potential complexity of computer database software used to store electronic business records can add new challenges for records managers, computer system auditors, or individuals assessing the adequacy of an organization's quality assurance programs.
The state's crime computer database also failed to accept the entries for the same reason.
Using clues from the meteorite's composition and structure, the planetary scientist winnowed its place of origin down to 2 out of 42,283 Mars impact craters in her computer database.
Its business/technology quartet of PROMT, Trade & Industry Database, Newsletter Database, and Computer Database provides unsurpassed coverage of markets, companies, products, and trends for industry sectors worldwide.
This user-friendly, interactive computer database isn't for everyone, but for people who need to know about wood, it's fabulous.
of North Bay to develop a machine called the Veneer Optimizer, which can determine, through its computer database, how to cut a log for optimum usage and dollar value.
To reach large numbers of people, the Foundation places news and case summaries in a computer database without any restriction on who may access them.
Designed to make astronomy fun, exciting and most importantly, simple for star watchers of all experience levels, each of the NexStar SE telescopes uses Celestron's innovative NexStar[R] technology to automatically align the telescope for optimum viewing of any star, planet or galaxy that is selected by the user from a computer database menu of over 40,000 celestial objects.
SANTA CLARITA - Inside a Los Angeles County District Attorney's computer database are the names of 300 alleged criminals from Southern California, followed by words such as ``gun,'' ``killed'' and ``escaped.
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