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Technologies, a manufacturer and repairer of computer circuit boards.
Job-start notice with client's name and address, job number, water and gas shutoff locations, computer circuit location, and security system information, if applicable
Parents can also send their children back to school with a range of environmentally-friendly stationary items, such as clipboards and mouse mats made from computer circuit boards and pens made from recycled computer printers.
Computer circuit boards can be recycled into clipboards and mouse mats and computer printers are recycled into pens.
Which element on the periodic table can make some crystal goblets sparkle, "glues" computer circuit parts together, and dust the mountain-tops on Venus?
The document is backed in recycled computer circuit boards supplied by Cutouts Ltd, of Bolster Moor.
Computer circuit boards: Shredded at Hallmark Refining Co.
A top troubleshooter has been hired by Tyneside computer circuit board-maker Circatex.
Another piece of evidence is the keyboard piece is hooked up to a computer circuit board: a very outdated model.
The small size and reduced number of components give PC manufacturers the flexibility to add more functionality to a single computer circuit board.
The software also is being used to model airflow across computer circuit boards, wind loads on and HVAC flow within buildings, wind load studies on offshore oil platforms, aerodynamic lift on highspeed disc drive heads, nuclear reactor cooling flow, and maritime hydrodynamics.
IBM researchers have created and demonstrated the world's first logic-performing computer circuit within a single molecule, which may someday lead to a new class of smaller and faster computers that consume less power than today's machines.
Practical applications span a broad range of industries, including the inspection of high-voltage power-line splices, computer circuit boards, jet engines, industrial processes, food-safety equipment and building insulation systems.
What defence contractors have been looking for and are now buying in increasing numbers are computer circuit boards of the type made by Radstone, designed with deadly intent.
The pilot then pulled out and reset the pitch-and-roll computer circuit breakers.
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