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Synonyms for computation

the act, process, or result of calculating

arithmetic calculations

Synonyms for computation

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All of the computationally demanding GPS processing occurs in the GL-16000; thus CPU loading and memory requirements of the software are minimal.
For the purpose of analysis of the dispersion data for SAWs, NIST developed a computationally efficient representation of the Green's function to model the elastodynamic characteristics of an anisotropic thin film on an anisotropic substrate.
Such a computationally intensive approach provides freedom from two limiting factors that dominate traditional statistical theory: the assumption that the data conform to a bell-shaped curve, called the normal distribution; and the need to focus on statistical measures whose theoretical properties can be analyzed mathematically.
In many cases the applications are computationally simple and in others accuracy is forfeited for getting adequate solutions in a reasonable amount of time.
These calculations are computationally intensive, taking days or weeks to complete in many cases.
For hypervalent molecules, however, the VB portrait can become complicated and computationally cumbersome.
a computationally based drug design and development company, announced today that it has closed on a $30.
Customers across computationally intensive industries are increasingly exploiting ACCELERANT, ASPEED's performance-driving software, which now supports the most advanced architectures, including the IBM[R] Blue Gene[R] system and several Intel multi-core processors.
This recognition from HPCwire further validates that our high-performance routing, security and application acceleration solutions are the best in the industry for supporting computationally intense applications and platforms.
is a recognized leader in accelerating computationally intense algorithms with commodity hardware platforms.
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