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the act, process, or result of calculating

arithmetic calculations

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In addition, on the first day of the conference, HCOMP-16 will feature a Doctoral Consortium and a tutorial on Crowdsourced Data Processing: Industry and Academic Perspectives, as well as three workshops: CrowdCamp; Human Computation for Image and Video Analysis (GroupSight); and Mathematical Foundations of Human Computation.
Traditional works for computation offloading mainly focus on the computation offloading strategies that offload the computation of an application to a single remote server [2][3][4].
He covers a quantum solution to making computation faster and communication secure, quantum computation and communication hardware, melting theory with implementation, and beyond standard qubit computation.
Again, the court could not find any code provision that permits the use of a capital loss in the computation of the ATNOL but noted that, for regular tax purposes, the code does not allow the deduction of a capital loss when computing an NOL.
Other topics considered include derivative superconvergence of equilateral triangular finite elements, reduced-order modeling of Navier-Stokes equations via centroidal Voronoi tessellations, adaptive computation with PML for time harmonic scattering problems, and an adaptive algorithm for ordinary, stochastic, and partial differential equations.
41-6T(c) mandates that it generally must be allocated based on the relative amounts of each member's "stand-alone entity credit," determined by using the computation method (i.
Diamond provides additional efficiency by re-ordering search tasks and by dynamically partitioning search computation between the front-end computer used for interaction and the back-end nodes where data is stored.
In particular, when the problem is a typical computation, it is obvious whether the answer is right or not.
Specific areas include, but are not limited to neural computation, evolutionary computation, quantum computation, DNA computation, chemical computation, information processing in cells and tissues, molecular computation, computation with words, fuzzy computation, granular computation, artificial life, swarm intelligence, ants colony, artificial immune systems, etc.
Bernard next inquired whether the base-period computation for the determination of the amount of incremental dividends must be adjusted for acquired companies.
For depository institutions that report weekly, the low reserve tranche adjustment and the reserve requirement exemption amount adjustment will apply to the fourteen-day reserve computation period that began Tuesday, November 23, 2004, and the corresponding fourteen-day reserve maintenance period that begins Thursday, December 23, 2004.
The computation of these coefficients is a near-zone task even for large aperture-detector distances.
Estrogen Receptor Binding Affinity Computation Program.
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