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the act, process, or result of calculating

arithmetic calculations

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An entire class of unprecedented computations becomes feasible, in which the user data and the whole computation remain perfectly private a feature impossible to achieve with classical computers.
Companion to quantum computation and communication.
The rest of the book is devoted to specific mathematical concepts, including algorithms for experimental mathematics, such as high-precision arithmetic and prime number computations, exploration and discovery in inverse scattering, random vectors, and factoring integers, and visual computation that includes chaos games and visualization of DNA strands.
The oblong cards, pinned in a bundle at a lower corner, have five to seven questions each in categories such as numeration, measurement, computation, problem solving and ``fun with numbers.
The Tax Court noted that the Internal Revenue Code does not specifically state how capital losses should be treated for AMT purposes; however, it pointed out that the Treasury regulations related to the AMT say all provisions governing the computation of the regular tax apply to the AMT unless some code section, regulation or other guidance specifically states otherwise.
We have occasionally discovered technical issues relating to how the tax on the return is computed while trying to agree to the computation on the RAR.
This represents the highest accuracy computation of this quantity to date.
A new Financial Accounting Standards Board statement addresses this concern by simplifying the computation, eliminating primary EPS and common stock equivalents and replacing them with basic EPS, which reflects no dilution.
This advancement, based on both companies' flagship products -- MATLAB and Maple V -- will bring together the best in symbolic mathematics and the best innumeric computation to dramatically expand the computing capabilities of engineers, scientists, mathematicians, educators, and other technical professionals.
The target computers are unaware that they have performed computation for the benefit of a commanding node," the researchers remark.
2001-23 provides an elective alternative LIFO inventory computation method for taxpayers that sell used automobiles or used light-duty trucks.
Briggs conceived a project for the computation of tables of mathematical functions of importance in applications.
In effect, once a tax year is included in a global netting computation, the netted interest amount would be reflected and would generally not be subject to future adjustment.
The litigation services practitioner preparing a damage computation or lost-profits analysis often applies cost accounting theories.