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may be computed or estimated


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CDS is one end point of how you can apply computable knowledge, but not the only one," he said.
Keywords: Free Trade Agreements; Economic Growth Effects; Computable and Other Applied General Equilibrium Models; Gravity Models.
In Section 3, we use the computable cones of nonnegative quadratic forms over a union of second-order cones to approximate the underlying cone of completely positive matrices in the reformulation.
Telemedicine, community health supports, and other innovative delivery processes will be stunted if we cannot make privacy computable," she attested.
Now, it will be illustrated how to calculate derivative processes fron any A[pi] process P is computable.
This requires some hypotheses on the underlying group: we must be able not only to enumerate its elements, but also to do it in a computable way.
To reach each and every segment of society, each and every part of the province and where salaries and benefits are based on performance computable with market.
In the study, researchers commissioned by Oxfam modeled the price impacts of a series of climatic events occurring between now and 2030 using the GLOBE Computable General Equilibrium model.
The DEC said a major macroeconomic policy tool widely used nowadays is the Computable General Equilibrium, or GCE, model.
Using actual economic data, the Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model is an instrument that simulates possible scenarios that can unfold when decision-makers set a policy and its consequences on various sectors.
Huang stressed that OGS touch panels are expected to replace traditional models using two pieces of glass in the coming years, considering that the trend is being driven by Intel and Microsoft, both of who have actively promoted next-generation laptops that feature use of touch panels computable with new chipsets and Windows 8.
Mathematicians had been thinking about computable functions for some time.
Christos Papadimtriou (University of California, Berkeley) will deliver the inaugural lecture on "The Origin of Computable Numbers: A Tale of Two Classics" on Wednesday, July 25.
They have shown that large arrays of these nano-magnets can be used to store computable information.
The company said that the combined power of the two applications makes it possible to create and store customised ICD-9 and ICD-10 mappings, and leverages the industry-standard vocabularies of the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary to provide coded, computable data that people can understand and software applications can use and process in real-time.