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His compunctions cooled as the self-satisfaction of a near revenge crowded out the finer instincts that had for a moment asserted themselves--the good that he had inherited from the slave woman was once again submerged in the bad blood that had come down to him from his royal sire; as, in the end, it always was.
(No wonder there are so many happy faces in Northern Ireland.) But those wanting more women suffering in this way seem to have no compunction about sneaking abortion into the province by the back door: no principles, no compassion (and I wonder if there are commercial pressures from those who are likely to profit from it financially?) Joseph Biddulph Pontypridd
Perhaps, even if we were to learn of the motives behind these attacks, they would still not make sense to us, and it would still not stop them from happening, but at least the investigations and the efforts by the government will provide some level of comfort and closure for the grieving families, who would finally learn the motives of the terrorists who kill human beings without compunction of conscience.
"We have absolutely no compunction to show fights in the afternoon in the United States, so that they can be in the evening in the UK."
'Fish pond/farm business will be stopped without any compunction. Be warned please,' the notice declared.
Our foreign competitors have little compunction in looking after their own interests at our expense: with almost the whole of our motor industry now controlled by foreign interests I'm afraid we have to prepare ourselves for more of the same.
The JRL said it was extremely sad that New Delhi 'has no compunction in allowing such inhumanity to continue by giving unbridled powers to its forces to kill innocent people day in and out'.
The leadership deplored that India had no compunction in allowing such inhumanity to continue by giving unbridled powers to its forces in Kashmir.
'If he has still any compunction left or has not completely lost all moral compass, he must do what is within his means to restore Malaysia's good reputation in the international community,' the DAP veteran said in a statement.
It's a sad fact of life that there seems to be an endless supply of heartless scum with no compunction about stealing some poor pensioner's savings.
They have meddled there for too long, and have given support to a man who has no compunction in using chemical weapons again his own people.
The PML(N) is blaming the corrupt political culture for it, without having any compunction that they have been leading this culture for the last almost forty years.
However, when times are good, they have no compunction in gouging resources, branches and employees from our small regional communities which can least afford it.'
On the other hand, he had no compunction to coldly kill a man, a sheriff, a deputy--anyone who got in the way of his rustling cattle or horses for an illicit living.
But looking at them, sabi ko nga, setting aside whether they're guilty or not, I could feel the stress, probably the compunction sa kanila,' the senator said.