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Synonyms for compulsion

Synonyms for compulsion

power used to overcome resistance

Synonyms for compulsion

an urge to do or say something that might be better left undone or unsaid

an irrational motive for performing trivial or repetitive actions, even against your will

using force to cause something to occur

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Meanwhile, Compulsion is also delaying the release of "We Happy Few," so it could take the necessary steps to address the issue with the game's price hike last year.
Now they have did it because of the compulsion after Dhumal expressed his unhappiness in public.
It has two main features - obsessions and compulsions.
The premise of Life Under Compulsion is quite simple, and the title gives us a clue to the book's main argument.
This latter idea is supported by the deviating loading pattern for compulsion.
Project EAT, Project EAT II); questions on exercise identity and compulsion, the focus of the current analysis, were added to the survey in the third study wave (Larson, Neumark-Sztainer, Story, van den Berg, & Hannan, 201 lb).
BOSTON: Most upwardly mobile managers know that an empowered team helps their performance, but a compulsion to control their own fate can cloud that awareness, says Harvard Business Review.
Our current work has laid the foundation for a better understanding of cocaine dependence and why this compulsion occurs.
Todas estas versiones constan de 10 items valorados de 0 (no sintoma) a 4 (sintomatologia severa) que proporcionan 3 puntuaciones: (a) severidad de la obsesion, constituida por la suma de los cinco primeros items: tiempo dedicado a la obsesion principal que presenta la persona, su interferencia sobre la vida diaria, el malestar que produce, la resistencia que se le opone y el control ejercido sobre ella; (b) severidad de la compulsion, constituida por los cinco ultimos items que, de forma semejante, evaluan el tiempo, la interferencia, el malestar, la resistencia y el control de la compulsion principal presentada por el individuo; y (c) severidad total, la suma de las dos anteriores.
Still the question remains as to why our highly respected Prime Minister, for love of the suffering millions, does not intervene decisively and on time against the selfish exploiters with whom by compulsion he has to share his power and who hinder the progress of the country instead of furthering it.
Who is the audience for Rinne Groff's play Compulsion, a meta-theatrical take on The Diary of Anne Frank?
1 : a very strong urge to do something <He felt a compulsion to say something.
Our compulsion to organize is as strong as our compulsion to create change, and the result might first appear as chaos.
This paper examines compulsion in active labour market programmes (ALMP).
Doing that gave Gyllenhaal time, however, to think about Graysmith's compulsion to track down Zodiac -- which may have ultimately resulted in a literary career, but cost him his second marriage at the time.