compromise verdict

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a verdict resulting from improper compromises between jurors on material issues

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The latter type of compromise verdict is, as argued in this article, the inevitable consequence of a constitutionally diverse jury.
A compromise verdict may be valid and constitutional if it reflects the aggregate judgment of a cross-section of the community that the jury represents.
1957) (acknowledging the effectiveness of a compromise verdict in achieving finality in an action and citing generally Partridge v.
Suskin, Collateral Estoppel and the Compromise Verdict, 18 International Society of Barristers Quarterly 354, 354 n.
The theory relied on in the analysis also sheds new light on the judicial interpretation of compromise verdicts.
very fact that a risk of compromise verdicts may exist in a system based
describing compromise verdicts as one source of criticism about
In affirming Frank's conviction, the Ninth Circuit relied on the longstanding belief that supplying juries with sentencing information both distracts them from their function as factfinders and leads to compromise verdicts.
Thus, prior to the Supreme Court's decision in Shannon,(84) the federal circuits recognized a tension between the desire to protect defendants from wrongful verdicts and the need to discourage juries from returning compromise verdicts.
First, there is a longstanding reluctance to give the jury information that might encourage compromise verdicts.
Arguably, this would increase the possibility of compromise verdicts.
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