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Synonyms for compress

Synonyms for compress

to subject to compression

to reduce in size, as by drawing together

Synonyms for compress

a cloth pad or dressing (with or without medication) applied firmly to some part of the body (to relieve discomfort or reduce fever)

make more compact by or as if by pressing

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Compressed air is an expensive resource and the best way to achieve savings is to implement a compressed-air management program.
At this stage, the GEOMAP database was accessed in order to pull the compressed map catalog record using a GN number (all the scanned maps that were cataloged in GEOMAP database have this unique number).
Additionally, I've defined backup sets that exclude such compressed file types as JPG, MP, ZIP, WAV, GIF and others.
ICF program has emphasized indirect drive because scientists have doubted whether direct-drive systems could compress the fusion target with sufficient uniformity.
For unregulated compressed air demands, the flow reduces by about 1% for every 1 psi pressure reduction.
Currently, METPOINT(r) OCV is the only online measuring method for the residual oil vapour content in compressed air that is certified by TUV (German technical inspection association).
It is extremely efficient and beneficially, a pressure dewpoint of less than -22[degrees]C will not only prevent corrosion, it will also inhibit the growth of micro-organisms within the compressed air system.
We see variations in compressed air cost from US$ 0.51 to US$ 2.03 per 100-scfm per hour with an energy cost of US$ 0.05-kWh.
To prevent this from happening, the spindle and tool are both blasted with compressed air each time a tool is changed.
Compressed air is the most expensive utility, costing nine times as much as electricity, and it's the second highest consumer of electricity in many foundries.
Increasing energy costs and the threat of carbon and emissions levies and taxes for businesses, mean that the performance and efficiency of compressed air systems have never been more important - especially when you consider that energy constitutes the largest part of the total life-cycle cost of a compressed air station.
Q Where and why might my compressed air system be leaking?
These dryers offer the simplicity of few moving parts, no desiccant, and relatively low cost, though compressed air itself is not cheap.As a result, suppliers largely agree that these dryers are uneconomical in large sizes and may not be suitable for some materials that require a very low dewpoint.
The absorbent article has a compressed groove where the skin surface is recessed toward the garment surface with the liquid absorbent layer compressed together with the topsheet.
Geoff Taylor, Managing Director of Boge Compressors and a Director of the British Compressed Air Society is urging compressed air users not to panic about the new Food Industry Code of Practice which sets out best practice for the supply of compressed air.
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