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completeness over a broad scope


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the capacity to understand a broad range of topics

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A sample of firms from the sawmill and planing sector of the forest products industry -- classified by Fredrickson and Mitchell (1984) as operating in a very unstable environment -- exhibited a negative relationship between comprehensiveness and effectiveness, while a sample of firms from the paint and coatings industry -- classified by Fredrickson (1984) as operating in a stable environment -- exhibited a positive relationship between comprehensiveness and effectiveness.
But relatively little work exists at a national and cross-national level examining comprehensives as defined by the relationship between the range of services provided within primary care and patient-perceived quality of care (Grumbach 2015), and measuring comprehensiveness is notoriously difficult (O'Malley and Rich 2015).
There is a consensus that comprehensiveness --or comprehensive care--encompasses not only care, but also health promotion and prevention and actions that tend to meet the popuation's health needs and the balance between spontaneous demand and scheduled demand, thus enhancing access and accessibility (4-7).
(15,16) In addition, given the mandate of 100% tobacco-free schools in the United States, it is essential to know whether certain aspects of school tobacco policies (ie, comprehensiveness) relate to reductions in tobacco use.
To date, comprehensiveness has received less attention than other key elements of primary care, such as access or continuity, which are more easily measured, and coordination, which is now the focus of a variety of new payment models.
Main features: provision of optimization of the quality and comprehensiveness of the invoicing of the acts and external consultations of the university hospital of nmes
Explaining the comprehensiveness of the security plan, he added that the police will team up with the rangers and both the forces will be on one communication network.
The recommended cervical cancer screening apps are listed in the TABLE (page 38) alphabetically and are detailed with a shortened version of the APPLICATIONS scoring system, APPLI (app comprehensiveness, price, platform, literature use, and important special features).
The essential attributes are first contact access, access and use of HS whenever necessary; longitudinality, understood as a professional-subject-of-care temporal relationship, leading to the establishment of a strong mutual trust; coordination, understood as the integration of all the care that the user receives and needs with the other HS; comprehensiveness, represented by actions of promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation appropriate to the PHC context, recognizing the biopsychosocial character of the health-disease-illness process (6).
To advance in this matter, it was pointed out the need for CSR reports to incorporate more comprehensibility, completeness, and/or comprehensiveness in its information, so that they have more content regarding concrete information about accomplished social actions (Adams, 2004; Bouten et al., 2011; Robertson & Nicholson, 1996; Van Staden & Hooks, 2007).
During the two days, the ministers discussed the most prominent current trends in global labor markets, reviewing the developments they have made, as well as taking the necessary measures to eliminate the main challenges which are still facing the labor markets in Group 20 where they reached an agreement in accordance with the final statement on the three priorities of the work, comprehensiveness , investment and implementation.
He considered the tripartite formula of Army, people and resistance an optimal one to confirm national position comprehensiveness and rigidity as for defending Lebanon against all attempts that target its unity and civil peace.
"The true value and strength of the Addis Agenda is its comprehensiveness. It brings together aid, investment, domestic resources and good policies.
The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / that the House was cutting membership / Vice / comprehensiveness of the Council for measures of accountability and justice.
One of the many terrific impressions I have of Moment is the comprehensiveness and imaginative themes that carry the magazine to greater heights.
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