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Synonyms for comprehensive

Synonyms for comprehensive

Synonyms for comprehensive

an intensive examination testing a student's proficiency in some special field of knowledge

including all or everything

broad in scope

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These studies asked and attempted to answer the following question: Will comprehensive school counseling programs produce increases in student achievement?
130 allows companies to select from three alternative formats for reporting comprehensive income:
With powerful SofaWare Safe@ solutions and SMP, we are able to deliver comprehensive services that we would otherwise not consider deploying using other management packages that have a much higher cost to us," said Paul Cacho, vice president of operations and CTO at Peterbuilt.
While there are many assessment forms and tools used by nutrition professionals across the nation, registered dietitians have desperately needed a comprehensive tool that supports the MDS format, incorporates best practices, permits accurate determination of nutritional risk and promotes effective time management for medical record documentation.
The premise behind the comprehensive care model is that to succeed, prevention programs must mobilize every aspect of the community to address the underlying problems that, if left untouched, would lead to crime.
Companies are permitted to display the components of other comprehensive income:
130 uses the term "other comprehensive income" to refer to all items of comprehensive income except net income.
3) As a result, when Congress increased the interest rate for large corporate underpayments by two percentage points (thereby increasing the aggregate interest rate differential between overpayments and underpayments to three percentage points) in the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990, it affirmed its prior directive saying that "the Secretary should implement the most comprehensive crediting procedures under section 6402 that are consistent with sound administrative practice.
Comprehensive has also recently expanded its operational capacity in Tacoma, Washington, with 250 beds.
To enhance accessibility, the call has been to establish schools as a context for providing a significant segment of the basic interventions that constitute a comprehensive approach for meeting such needs.
Unfortunately, as with many comprehensive general liability policies, the policy in question does not define the terms "advertising ideas" or "style of doing business.
Comprehensive income is defined as the change in equity (net assets) of a business enterprise during a period resulting from transactions and other events and circumstances from nonowner sources.
Concurs Terry Stock, a Friendswood, Texas, CPA, who holds one of the first AICPA PFS certificates and is also a PFP teacher, practitioner and consultant: "I use a comprehensive PFP program to give me a trend line for a client.
Comprehensive Clinical Development, formerly operating as Comprehensive NeuroScience, Inc.
Responding to the increasing challenges faced by Nova Scotia schools, the provincial Department of Education initiated, 4 years ago, the development of a comprehensive guidance and counseling program to address the guidance and counseling needs of students.
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