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Synonyms for comprehensive

Synonyms for comprehensive

Synonyms for comprehensive

an intensive examination testing a student's proficiency in some special field of knowledge

including all or everything

broad in scope

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National rank: 976 5Acklam Grange School Authority: Middlesbrough Religion: N/A Admission: Comprehensive Gender: Mixed TOTAL SCORE 50 ....
5Kings Priory School Authority: North Tyneside Religion: N/A Admission: Comprehensive Gender: Mixed .....
The Working Group on Coordination of Comprehensive State Defense in Latvia has been established, taking into account the Scandinavian and Estonian practices in addressing comprehensive national defense issues.
National rank: 429 7Rastrick High School Authority: Calderdale Religion: N/A Admission: Comprehensive Gender: Mixed TOTAL SCORE 59 .....
In conjunction, the company's Comprehensive Augmented Baseplate is a component of the Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System, a next-generation reverse shoulder prosthesis engineered to offer high-quality intraoperative flexibility and clinically proven technologies.
Available on models registered prior to 1 st January 2010 only, the Comprehensive Care service package has been developed as part of the brand's enduring dedication to safety and commitment to customer service.
These items also must be disclosed either on the face of the Statement of Other Comprehensive Income or in a footnote.
A total of four teams including govt girls high school comprehensive, govt girls high school Shamasbad No-2 Multan, govt girls high school Mianchannu chak No-125 and govt girls high school Mianchannu Chak No-129 participated in the championship.
In Europe, comprehensive income is a relatively new concept, and it appears that the problem of misinformation among users of financial statements may be caused by new concepts of reporting.
If agreed after the public consultation, a new 2,400-place mixed Englishmedium comprehensive school through the amalgamation of Barry Comprehensive School and Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School located on the two current sites would open from September 2017.
Effective in 1998, Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) 130, Reporting of Comprehensive Income [now Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Topic 220, "Comprehensive Income"], required that companies report comprehensive income and its components in a financial statement that is given equal prominence with other financial statements.
Amana Corporative Insurance Company (Amana Insurance) total comprehensive loss (before Zakat) for the first nine months of 2012 amounted to SAR 7,628 thousand, against total comprehensive loss (before Zakat) for the same period last year of SAR 695 thousands which is a increase of 997 per cent, and against total comprehensive loss (before Zakat) for the previous quarter for SAR 11,541 thousands which is a decrease of 33.9 per cent.
Sustaining places; the role of the comprehensive plan.
2011-05, Comprehensive Income (Topic 220): Presentation of Comprehensive Income, which provides an entity that reports items of other comprehensive income with the option to present comprehensive income in either one or two consecutive financial statements:
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