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combined into or constituting a chemical compound

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A compounded drug is a medication made by a pharmacist or other healthcare provider in response to a valid prescription for an individual patient
The company is said to offer custom and proprietary solutions using black and color compounded rubber products.
Kraton A materials, when compounded, are said to improve strength, softness, heat resistance, and appearance in toys, packaging, sporting goods, and technical parts.
While the Company disagrees with the FDA's assertions, in response to this FDA warning letter, the Company intends to immediately commence the development, in partnership with its patient's physicians, of a process to switch patients currently taking these compounded products to drug products that are commercially available, where clinically appropriate.
Also, these materials are compounded with the usage of more scorchy ingredients for optimal properties.
These resins are compounded with carbon, ceramic, or metallic fillers and small amounts of glass reinforcements, if needed.
It should be noted that HNBR could be compounded to show better performance in caustic solutions with the proper selection of ingredients.
compounded 50-80% ash into recycled PE to make building materials.
Suits Charge Use of Compounded ALA for PDT Infringes DUSA's Patent Rights
Ohio in Conneaut, Ohio, buys compounded wood-filled pellets and extrudes deck and porch railings, posts, and other components.
In some cases, compounded reinforced gums are superior to compounds or pure gums.