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in insects and some crustaceans: composed of many light-sensitive elements each forming a portion of an image

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The team, which included a researcher from the University of Edinburgh, say their findings suggest compound eyes have changed little over 500 million years.
They flap pale, stained-glass wings, and their insect-style, compound eyes can outdo human vision to detect ultraviolet or polarized light.
Compound eyes black, ocelli hyaline, without pigmented centripetal crescents, and without pigmented bands from compound eyes to epistomal sulcus.
The international debut in 2013 of The Man with the Compound Eyes in Beijing was followed by Harvill Secker's 2013 and Pantheon's 2014 English-language versions and Stock's 2014 French version and translations are being undertaken in in other languages (see Tan <http://blog.
Taking their cue from Nature, engineers have built a camera using stretchable electronics that scans the world like a fly's compound eye -- with a wide field of view and no distortion, they said.
9x) than ocellocular distance; scape about six times longer than wide; pedicel longer than broad; first flagellomere about as long as broad, longer than second flagellomere, remaining flagellomeres broader than long, except apical flagellomere much longer than broad; compound eye 2.
n of right antenna, IO, D and d: minimum distance between compound eyes, antero-posterior diameter, and transverse diameter of right compound eye respectively, in front view of head, PO: d/D.
The movies I'm recalling seem to assume that a creature with a compound eye has better vision and perhaps multiple visual fields.
23 mm; Eye width (maximum width of compound eye, measured along short axis) 0.
0x longer than broad, reaching or hardly exceeding superior margin of lateral ocellus; pedicel as long as broad, F1 longer than broad, F2 shorter than F1 or F3, F3-F9 each longer than broad, longer than F1; F10 longest; compound eye about 2.
The device works like an insect's compound eye, blending images from 108 miniature transducers working together.
Eye length (EL): Maximum length of compound eye in full face view of the head.
Molecular phylogenetic evidence for the independent evolutionary origin of an arthropod compound eye.
Flies have 4,000 lenses in each compound eye - but are not so good at spotting slow-moving objects.
This year the lab improved the engineering imitation of an insect's compound eye by developing an eye that can detect motion within a wide angle via a single circuit.