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one who sets written material into type

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The collection's title, From Compositors to Collectors: Essays on Book-Trade History, is apt, with the introduction stating that the essays "are brought together to shed light on the book trade's impact on three main aspects of textuality: creation, circulation, and reception .
Compositors assemble the result like a jigsaw puzzle with live action and CG elements.
Although the sample is small, it was thought to be large enough at least to illustrate broad trends in spelling in the seventeenth century, particularly as the similar folio formats of the folios might be expected to inhibit compositors from employing their own variant spellings.
In Stability, Honigmann gave grounds for thinking that Q was set by three compositors (one for 1.
Dream Quest is looking for character animators, 3-D artists, 2-D compositors, software programmers, a senior systems administrator, data management technician and a technical assistant.
A chapter is devoted to the identification of compositors at Valentine Simmes' press, where the A1 (1604) Faustus was produced, and published by Thomas Bushell.
This will enable Blackmagic to provide increased customer support and sales assistance to broadcasters, editors, compositors and videographers within the Russian-speaking markets, British Isles, the Iberian Peninsula, and the Middle East.
The introduction to this modernised edition of the 1594 quarto includes textual and staging history, notes on its compositors, and a discussion of its date, and makes detailed comparisons between the texts of A Shrew and The Shrew.
When integrated with Blackmagic's Multibridge Extreme, compositors can take full advantage of a true 10 bit uncompressed 4:4:4 RGB workflow.
Demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2002, the software releases mark significant architectural, feature and workflow improvements that continue to expand and enhance the investments of visual effects artists, compositors and motion graphic designers in television and film.
The dpsReality Studio Digital Disk Recorder (SDDR) is the ultimate tool for animators, compositors and post-production professionals.
Rough Draft, previously an exclusive SGI UNIX-based animation house, recently added 8 new compositors and chose to integrate Intergraph's TDZ 2000 ViZual Workstations into their production workflow.
Compositors can expect to see playback and rendering speeds two to five times faster, which makes the rendering process more seamless and efficient.
Effetto Pronto is resolution independent, meaning that compositors can mix and match a variety of formats and bring them together seamlessly.
As a result, they had well over 50 compositors working 24 hours a day on the movie.