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one who sets written material into type

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We are familiar with early modern texts as containing traces of compositorial practice, and as Jerome McGann urged us some years ago, we need to take care not to confuse linguistic and compositorial evidence when we read them.
The most significant of his attributes for my argument is, first, that he started his compositorial career under the tutelage of a senior compositor with whom he worked very closely, and second, the 'more routine work' that Hinman mentioned included E's distribution into type-cases of type set by other compositors.
5) Because we can be certain that it was not Cervantes who changed from one spelling (Dulzinea) to the other (Dulcinea), we can safely conclude that the apparently chaotic spelling behavior reflected in Figure 5 is the result, initially (A), of compositorial ambivalence as to the most "appropriate" spelling, subsequently (B and C), of compositorial orthography being imposed over the original spelling and, lastly (D), of the authorial spelling having been replaced entirely with the form preferred by the compositors.
Fleeman's conscientious treatment of the works of Samuel Johnson is almost legendary, and even as early as 1985 Fleeman asserted the importance of not "imposing compositorial regularity on a text which retains something of the characteristic parts of Johnson's composition" (lix).
They--I suppose I mean their compositorial software--no longer even know how to kern away the closing quote after an italicized exclamation point.
Any variants affecting meaning must be retained unless analysis shows them to be clearly compositorial or typographical.
In the middle years of the twentieth century, in Greg's own field of English Renaissance drama, there was a third swing away from stylistics, this time towards the study of printing-house practice and compositorial preference.
Q's 'Kings seas' (for 'King's ears') is probably a compositorial error, the result of eyeskip from the rhyme-word 'seas', which Q then renders 'Sea'.
The change at page 403 from Milton's 'Chearly' to 'Clearly' may be compositorial, but the emendation at page 453 of line 43 of 'Lycidas' - 'Shall now no more be seen' to 'Were often seen' - is Poole's conscious change, and the two lines describing a shepherd at page 479 are a skilfull interweaving of three Miltonic phrases.
The essay is a striking example of international compositorial contributions to the development of a musical genre that can be called Austrian because of its appearance in the Trent Codices for the Habsburg territories.
On a practical level choosing this solution meant making thousands of decisions, as authorial were separated from compositorial variants.
He also offers as an example of revision of accidentals Browning's alteration of "first cabin-comfort" to "first-cabin comfort," which a responsible editor would consider either a substantive change in wording or a compositorial error (157).
Woolf also makes a cameo appearance at the beginning of the book when, in a letter, she attributes her shaky handwriting to the physical toll of her compositorial work in setting the type of The Waste Land for Hogarth Press, evidence of her own participation in producing the male-authored text.
Honigmann is surely correct that in many respects the Elizabethans were far more casual than today's editor, so that authorial, scribal, or compositorial error cannot be ruled out.
McEachern does when she uses the evidence of signatures and press variants to establish the order of the duodecimo and octavo formats of the first edition of Rousseau's Emile and when she employs differences in compositorial practices and in type-faces to distinguish the printers of its various sections.