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Our results show that the compositionality scores predicted by additive compositional models correlate well with human-annotated scores, thereby confirming similar results for the English language.
Twelve-Tone Compositional Development: Case Studies).
The results of this study show that considering compositional grading leads to a more realistic complex simulation model, and simulation run time would increase, but because of the drastic difference between the two cases, especially when the injection and production rates are increased, it cannot be ignored.
Targeting a musically literate audience, Murchison, in an eloquent, well-executed, and accessible manner, reveals Copland's adaptation of modern European compositional techniques, and explains how he made them his own.
His approach, however, owes much to those compositional histories that reach back to the early work of scholars such as Raymond Brown, J.
Processing the barrels by induction heating and spin casting to achieve controlled zone-melting and solidification of the thick coating with a compositional gradient along its length;
Dairy UK is now working with the dairy industry and retailers on a new code of practice to ensure compositional and labelling standards for Cheddar and British territorial cheeses are adhered to once the laws that currently govern them are superseded by EU law.
Lagatu and Maume (1935) were the first to illustrate tissue nutrient composition as values related to each other in the constrained compositional space using ternary diagrams where vertices represented nutrients in proportions varying between 0 and 100%.
Her goal is to establish a new kind of validity for compositional process as an object of study, offering for consideration a refrained model of intention whose compatibility with the implications of the Barthesian death of the author or of Heideggerian versions of authenticity she is occasionally, perhaps, unnecessarily anxious to demonstrate.
They cover diffraction, spectroscopic, compositional characterization, synchrotron and surface, and microscopic techniques.
Our ability to comprehend a potential infinity of nonsynonymous expressions suggests that natural language is compositional, consisting of a finite number of primitive expressions together with a finite number of recursive rules for constructing complex expressions from these primitives.
As a pioneer in performing arts for more than 40 years, Meredith Monk has accumulated a lot of stuff--programs, reviews, notes, notations, photographs, compositional scores, videos from rehearsals .
However for many students, it would have been useful to provide a list of the original pieces or a short essay on compositional techniques used by each composer.
After 8 years of relaying pictures, topographic maps, magnetic field data, and compositional information from above the Red Planet, NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft appears to have called it quits.