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Twelve-Tone Compositional Development: Case Studies).
Targeting a musically literate audience, Murchison, in an eloquent, well-executed, and accessible manner, reveals Copland's adaptation of modern European compositional techniques, and explains how he made them his own.
His approach, however, owes much to those compositional histories that reach back to the early work of scholars such as Raymond Brown, J.
Processing the barrels by induction heating and spin casting to achieve controlled zone-melting and solidification of the thick coating with a compositional gradient along its length;
Dairy UK is now working with the dairy industry and retailers on a new code of practice to ensure compositional and labelling standards for Cheddar and British territorial cheeses are adhered to once the laws that currently govern them are superseded by EU law.
Her goal is to establish a new kind of validity for compositional process as an object of study, offering for consideration a refrained model of intention whose compatibility with the implications of the Barthesian death of the author or of Heideggerian versions of authenticity she is occasionally, perhaps, unnecessarily anxious to demonstrate.
As Lepore and Ludwig (L and L) explain in their introduction, a compositional meaning theory is only part of a complete theory of meaning.
After 8 years of relaying pictures, topographic maps, magnetic field data, and compositional information from above the Red Planet, NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft appears to have called it quits.
Hogland addresses the use of metaphor, tone, rhetorical and compositional strategies in a thoroughly 'reader friendly' manner that is as inherently fascinating as it is informed and informative.
They would discuss compositional methods that biblical authors used, including the use of hyperbole.
This sense of fleeting perspective and depth--of compositional paradox--pervades the formal elements of Sullivan's projected films: Past and present coalesce as figures appear simultaneously in different period dress (indeed, one film depicts a nineteenth-century sailing venture); the wrenched shadows of film noir gently turn into the flat color tones and decor of '70s cinema; whole scenes are set literally adrift in Sullivan's poetic dissolves, her camera seemingly moving left and right at once.
a leading provider of advanced compositional metrology solutions for semiconductor device manufacturing, has added an industry veteran to lead its sales efforts in North America and Europe.
Compiled, organized and edited by Keith Polk, Tielman Susato And The Music Of His Time: Print Culture, Compositional Technique And Instrumental Music In The Renaissance is the fifth volume of the "Bucina: The Historical Brass Society Series" and combines biography with musicology to provide readers with a fully descriptive and informative history of the life and accomplishments of one of the most productive and influential men in Renaissance Europe.
3'': Lindberg has emerged as a major compositional presence in L.