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the property of being a composite number

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We get an effective unified theory of resonances where the forces compositeness decays from leptons and quarks and this is truly unexpected.
He appears to sincerely believe that these liberal domestic initiatives in areas such as health care and finance will also bolster American economic power and compositeness.
This compositeness of home and exile is amply demonstrated in Achebe's life as a writer and critic who, like Tanure Ojaide, is in patriotic love with his native homeland, Nigeria, but who now lives in exile in the United States of America.
13) This compositeness, so long repressed by a narrative of white superiority and dominance, breaks up in the presence of race and class shifts as well as the newer presence of the Chinese.
The new customs scanning and detection system will promote Dubai Ports advanced infrastructure by enhancing DP logistic capability, raising its compositeness advantage through rapid and enhanced containers handling ensuring smooth and swift flow of goods.
Yielding to fruitful interpermeation only intermittently, and precariously held together by the author's vision and reader's imagination, at its best this kind of juxtaposition results in the cosmopolitan novel's compositeness, which, as remains to be demonstrated, is not at all the same as fragmentation.
Summary: A seminar and training workshop on compositeness was held in a leading Tripoli hotel between 6-10th June organized by the Privatization and Investment Board (PIB) and the Libyan Export Promotion Centre.