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the spatial property resulting from the arrangement of parts in relation to each other and to the whole


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Researchers found that implementing compositional constraints, such as using a framework, length of time, rhythms, or being limited to one scale, can be helpful when composing music (Rusinek 2011; Soares 2011; Webster 2011).
In the chapter, Palmeri employs four tracks to remix and reimagine composition history in the late 1960s and early 1970s, focusing on classical rhetoric's influence on electronic media, the current-traditional pedagogies applying multimedia in the classroom, different types of invention strategies that borrowed concepts such as the montage from film, and the idea of composing strategies as "assemblage" (p.
This is the first time I am composing music for him.
Professor Collier is responsible for the fact that I consider piano and performing as important to me as composing today--something I never would have dreamed of saying five years ago.
The need for supportive materials would be endless: composing music for the psalm antiphons, choral settings for verses and offertories, organ pieces based on the new hymnic and liturgical music, and music for the Easter Vigil.
L1 research by Flower and Hayes (1981) involving think-aloud protocols provided a critical impetus for a shift from a linear to a recursive theoretical vision of the composing act.
In those works, Cope wrote primarily for specialists about technical aspects of computer-assisted composing such as artificial intelligence techniques, including pattern matching and inference engines.
This study investigated whether composing music with graphic notations would make a significant difference in creativity in composing music as compared to composing music without graphic notations.
Then it moves on logically to studies of erasable tablets and autograph manuscripts used for composing.
This means that the job of composing a page with text, images and links is handled by the server.
For example, the relation atoms would stand in to each other by composing an object that is square and red is not a (restricted) atom-to-atom relation.
Five strategies for coaching students in the ISP -- collaborating, continuing, conversing, charting, and composing -- are recommended for adaptation to electronic environments.
Certainly few conductors would place their composing skills at the level of competency obviously required in this particular orchestra's quest for a new and unique repertoire, even if such a repertoire would offer its orchestra players the undoubted thrill and challenge of constantly working on brand-new scores.
Despite the sounds of shells, machine-guns, and snipers, Josip Magdic, Sarajevo composer, keeps composing computer tunes.