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Synonyms for compose

Synonyms for compose

to be the constituent parts of

to create by combining parts or elements

to form by artistic effort

to bring one's emotions under control

Synonyms for compose

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In a sonnet mentioned at the beginning of this essay,(106) Pierre de Ronsard had begun is Continuation des Amours with the picture of Du Bellay contemplating the Tiber and the Palatine hill - and abandoning his "naturel langage" (line 4) in order to compose in Latin - only to contrast this tableau with the self-portrait of the enslaved lover.
COMPOSE I included 547 patients, and COMPOSE II, 553 patients.
Thousands of clients across a variety of industries, including retail, IoT, higher education, marketing services and ecommerce have created over 100,000 databases with Compose.
When reflecting on the overall experience of composing educational music, the participants stated they learned how to compose educational music while composing for this project.
* Use strategies--such as interpretation, synthesis, response, critique, and design/redesign--to compose texts that integrate the writer's ideas with those from appropriate sources
Google launched a brand new compose a few months ago, which gave users a bevy of new tools to build out their emails, as well as a new design to let you open a compose window without ever leaving the inbox.
Now we have joined forces with a strong local partner, Compose, to prove our merits in China."
Kerry Turner has been commissioned by the Japanese Horn Society to compose a piece for solo horn (titled Three Portraits), which will be part of the repertoire of the JHS's Horn Competition in September 2013.
The two greatest are undoubtedly Bach's Goldberg Variations and those Beethoven composed to an 1819 commission from the publisher Anton Diabelli, who had the shrewd idea of inviting various fashionable composers, including Schubert and the eightyear-old Liszt, each to compose a variation on a tawdry little waltz tune he himself had composed.
4 : to make calm : get under control <Although the news is shocking, I'll try to compose myself.>
The Common PC Operating System Environment (COMPOSE) combines commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and government-off-the-shelf (GOTS) products to deliver directory services, e-mail, Web acceleration, office automation applications, collaboration tools and antivirus software for the Integrated Shipboard Network System (ISNS), Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System (CENTRIXS), Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) networks, and Submarine Local Area Network (SubLAN).
This rich poetry collection presents the fascinating and ordinary lives that compose a unique neighborhood.
Passengers will not be able to send and receive phone calls or emailed messages but will be able to compose email messages and use other functions enabled by the device with the transmitting component deactivated.
Plan "B" was to have a U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council compose a new constitution.