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Synonyms for compliance

Synonyms for compliance

an act of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

the quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

Synonyms for compliance

acting according to certain accepted standards

a disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others

the act of submitting

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The consultants review compliance committee minutes, job descriptions, organizational charts, the compliance plan, and other relevant documentation.
Lack of compliance is going to create financial problems and major problems in other areas,'' said Councilman Dennis Zine, a retired police sergeant and former police union official.
Central to the whole issue of regulatory compliance are three questions:
The revised rules that resulted from the negotiations include two categories of changes: compliance deadline-related revisions, and revisions that add flexibility for compliance.
Instead, they must use what is commonly referred to as a "risk-based approach" to determine major programs for audit--an overall evaluation of the material compliance risks for each federal program and of factors such as prior and current audit experience, prior federal oversight and the program's inherent risk.
It is because of the Institute's commitment to improve the tax system that we welcome the IRS's Compliance 2000 initiatives and welcome this hearing as evidence of the Subcommittee's interest in bettering tax administration.
Intelliden's Policy-Based Compliance Management solution uniquely meets this market need by enabling network operators to manage network compliance against a virtually unlimited number of pre-defined policies and network devices.
Rather, corporate compliance consists of those policies and procedures that govern the operations of the entire enterprise in accordance not just with all known legal responsibilities, but with the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.
Auditors must communicate their responsibilities for compliance and internal controls in a financial statement audit to the audit committee or the individuals they have contracted with for the audit.
A core component of nCircle's security risk and compliance management offering, the Security Intelligence Hub delivers customizable reporting for all levels of the IT organization from technical staff to internal audit teams and executives.
In fact, a poorly written compliance plan is probably more damaging than having no compliance plan at all.
These systems are usually not subject to corporations' standard controls, and are in fact usually not even tracked, either by IT departments or by the departments responsible for regulatory compliance.
Compliance is the name given to multi-faceted programs designed to ensure that an organization's culture and collective processes meet legal, regulatory, and ethical requirements.
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