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Synonyms for disease

Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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However, relatively few variants have been confirmed for complex diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes in which both susceptibility genes and environmental contributors are required for the disease to develop (Botstein and Risch 2003; Hirschhorn et al.
Engaging multiple mechanisms is proven to be more effective in treating complex diseases," Gow says.
This generous gift will give us an opportunity to change the lives of children with rare and complex diseases.
Evolutionary Biology, Cell-Cell Communication, and Complex Disease challenges current wisdom by using physiology to present an integrative view of the nature, origins, and evolution of fundamental biological systems.
The consortium (funded by the NHLBI, NIEHS, NCI, NHGRI, and NIGMS) brings together expertise in genetics, epidemiology, biostatistics, and bioinformatics to develop and test innovative, informative, and cost-effective study designs and analytical strategies for performing genome-wide association studies on complex diseases.
This approach will provide a more comprehensive genetic and molecular view of complex diseases, so we can identify the genes that underlie disease processes, understand the role of genes in determining the severity of disease and develop improved methods for diagnosing disease," said Xing,
AOP is a pharmaceutical company based in Vienna specialising in the development and marketing of medicines for rare and complex diseases.
These findings underscore the role that intrauterine exposures could potentially have on common complex diseases that involve developmentally vulnerable organ systems.
The Company believes that Predicant, based on the word "predict," better reflects the attributes of its unique technology for detecting, diagnosing and monitoring complex disease states through the analysis of protein patterns in the blood.
Evolutionary Biology: Cell-Cell Communication, and Complex Disease - An Integrative View of the Evolution of Genetics and the Natural World
This is a wonderful resource for mapping genes affecting complex diseases.
The NCE paradigm of the twentieth century attempts to treat complex diseases with a 'single golden molecular bullet'," says Fridlender.
development of interdisciplinary research opportunities that will focus on common, complex diseases with a substantial environmental component;
CytoDiagnostics has become the nation's leading provider of clinical diagnostic services for genito-urinary malignancies and complex diseases by providing urologists with in vitro diagnostic capabilities to detect, diagnose, and prognose disease.
We believe that our ability to consistently deliver value to our customers improves their prospects of developing drugs which directly benefit patients suffering from serious complex diseases such as RA.