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52,53 )Transformation into a more complex cyst is rare and has been reported in only a handful of cases.
The cross-sectional, prospective study involved 86 women with fibrocystic disease, [42 with simple cysts (BI-RADS 2) and 44 complex cysts (BI-RADS 3 or 4)] aged 25-45 years, with stable body mass for the last 3 months.
An ultrasound scan on Michelle, who had been suffering similar symptoms to Gill, revealed a complex cyst on one ovary.
In the case of a complex cyst that is not clearly an endometrioma or a dermoid, MRI can be helpful in making the distinction--and can affect management if used preoperatively to 1) allow the patient to avoid surgery or 2) triage her to a less-invasive surgical procedure.
This system can help classify the indeterminate lesion as a benign simple or hemorrhagic cyst, likely complex cyst requiring follow-up imaging, or possible cystic RCC that would need biopsy or excision.
Sonographic feature of liver hydatid disease include simple cyst, complex cyst with multiple internal daughter cysts, echogenic septa, debris or floating membrane, simple or complex cysts with wall classification [3].
However, MRI can be helpful with increasingly complex cyst identification.
Equivocal--A complex cyst with internal echoes and septa was classified as equivocal.
We have shown in this series that not only simple hepatic hydatid cysts but an array of intermediate size complex cysts can be safely managed laparoscopically with a high technical success rate, a low recurrence rate and an acceptable biliary fistula rate which did not require repeat surgery.
Reproductive tract anomalies can appear to be complex cysts on imaging