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successfully completed or brought to an end

(of a marriage) completed by the first act of sexual intercourse after the ceremony

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He completed the course in 26 hours, 6 minutes, 4 seconds.
The flaw in this process is that the appraisals are typically completed early in the project design stage.
Once groups were assigned at the beginning of the semester, students completed a minimum of seven hours familiarizing themselves with the community agencies to which they had been assigned.
Qualifications: Eligible candidates will have successfully completed three courses including a two-hour exam consisting of 85 computer-administered multiple-choice questions and a three-hour computer-administered essay.
163(d) unless Form 4952, Investment Interest Expense Deduction, is completed or (2) Sec.
Parachute, parasail, paraglide, bungee jump completed
The current study examined the effect that the number of undergraduate psychology courses completed had on students' perceptions of the profession of psychology.
Under federal law, a gift is completed when the donor no longer has "dominion and control" over it.
Civilian hires, of course, scored the greatest reductions, with 76 percent completed within 30 days.
Successful facilities will assign most of the MDS items to be completed by staff who provide direct care for each resident, including the nurse, therapist, social worker, dietitian and activities professional, leaving the MDS Coordinator to truly coordinate.
This procedure is continued until the athlete has completed every rep on his own.
An 80,000 sq-ft mold manufacturing facility was recently completed and the firm recently purchased a large injection molding machine (over 3000 tons) for automotive mold development work.
Recent Developments Concerning the Completed Contract Method of Accounting
Completed RAMP-2 Enrollment and Training of Ultrasound Blinded Readers
The last time Cody and Sweetland did the Baja 1000, they completed the course in 17 hours.
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