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a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain

a trodden path


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Gliatech has developed proprietary monoclonal antibodies to properdin that are potent in vitro and in vivo inhibitors of the complement alternative pathway.
While we believe that patients worldwide would benefit from convenient, short-duration therapies like JNJ-4178, we remain fully focused on advancing our factor D portfolio of complement alternative pathway inhibitors in areas where patient needs are greatest, and using our strong balance sheet of almost $370 million in cash and cash equivalents at June 30, 2017 to do so.
Since entering into the Janssen license arrangement in 2015, Achillion has focused on and advanced multiple small molecule factor D inhibitors of the complement alternative pathway.
We are pleased to have begun this trial in PNH patients to evaluate ACH-4471, the first orally-administered factor D inhibitor to have demonstrated complement alternative pathway (AP) inhibition in humans, which represents a potentially novel and unique mechanistic approach to treating this life-threatening disease," commented Milind Deshpande, Ph.
Our strong balance sheet, together with our collaboration with Janssen who is developing JNJ-4178, a next-generation short-duration treatment regimen for HCV, enables us to focus on the discovery and development of what could be a game-changing approach to modulating diseases of the complement alternative pathway.