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Synonyms for complaint

Synonyms for complaint

an expression of dissatisfaction or a circumstance regarded as a cause for such expression

a pathological condition of mind or body

a minor illness, especially one of a temporary nature

Synonyms for complaint

an often persistent bodily disorder or disease

(formerly) a loud cry (or repeated cries) of pain or rage or sorrow

(civil law) the first pleading of the plaintiff setting out the facts on which the claim for relief is based

(criminal law) a pleading describing some wrong or offense

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It might also be difficult to discover whether the IRS investigates and takes action on the complaint filed by the mainstream religious leaders in Ohio against pastors Johnson and Parsley.
25, 1999, seeking to renew her birth-control prescription, according to the complaint filed by the Attorney General's Office.
A typical case: A complaint received in September 1999 alleged that the manager of an assisted living facility abused and neglected residents.
Todd's complaint that the McLellans had been generally offensive was dismissed as unfounded, Liverpool Sergeant McLellan was advised by his superintendent that "this sort of thing was undesireable & might mean he would have to move if it did not stop.
But should the manager need to reprimand, demote or discharge the female employee later for a legitimate reason, she might sue--alleging illegal termination in retaliation for her sexual harassment complaint.
The documentation should tell the entire story relative to a particular complaint, including how it was resolved.
Websites have become an increasingly popular complaint forum for companies and independent advocacy groups, as well as disgruntled customers.
After law enforcement officials concur with the filing of an Article IV complaint, rather than extradition, FPU agents explain the costs to file the case.
Stecklow, the dancer's attorney, said the complaint stated that Richardson behaved in a sexually inappropriate way around male dancers, including his client.
Kelly Privett, Director of Camp Joan Mier in Southern California and Section Complaint Resolution Chair, has joined the National Ethics Committee effective this fall.
A person can file a complaint about ADA compliance involving public services or private businesses with the DOJ (U.
His plan was simple; he'd file a complaint with the House Ethics Committee so that it would be forced to investigate the allegations.
Many times, the tenant runs to the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) and files a formal complaint.
What form should a complaint assume, and to whom should it be addressed?