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the act of compiling (as into a single book or file or list)

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'It will shock you to know that these few persons raising this allegation are actually the one going about compiling names since February, but they turned around to accuse our state party leader, Olorogun O'tega Emerhor of compiling names.
What the police are doing now is they're no longer gathering evidence but compiling names.)
Vaidya says he has been compiling statistics for 60 years and doesn't remember the BCCI providing such a platform for statisticians earlier, though there have been workshops for scorers.
West Yorkshire is the fastest county when it comes to compiling a HIP, taking only nine days on average - including all leasehold and unregistered cases - according to extensive data compiled between January and June 2008 at county and city level.
The first game was a very safety oriented affair but it was Ryan who made the first breakthrough, compiling a 28 break.
The School of Architecture at Tulane University in New Orleans is compiling a record of plans for the rebuilding of the city.
Military Academy) presents Teaching Terror: Strategic And Tactical Learning In The Terrorist World, an anthology of serious and didactic essays by a wide selection of scholarly authors compiling knowledge about terrorist organizations - specifically, about how they are taught and self-taught.
Simply put, compiling the reportable information would require substantial effort, but during our discussions, it did not seem that the MTC had worked to identify (and attempt to minimize) how much effort.
A foundation in Salt Lake City is compiling a giant genetic database that will be used to pinpoint where a person's ancestors came from, using a sample of DNA.
A Finance Ministry official told the ruling parties Monday the extra budget is not likely to be compiled before late January, but the parties asked the ministry to expedite compiling it so that it can be submitted to parliament at the beginning of the Diet session, they said.
Rutgers University law students have been compiling documents showing that the Nazi regime actually intended to abolish Christianity.
First, a company collects e-mail addresses in some way, either through magazine subscriptions or by compiling names off the internet.
Every cash register `ka-ching' for a black book brings me joy, and I say to all those compiling black best-seller lists, "Count on.