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The findings revealed that students who played the math game either competitively or collaboratively reported the strongest mastery goal orientations, which indicates that students adopted an optimal mindset for learning while playing the video game with others.
"It is great we as a club can now play competitively.
The only portion of the garbage contract that is competitively bid is the landfill disposal contract, with city leaders voting to switch from Waste Management Inc.
Anthem is a very good and well-respected company, but a competitively bid contract would have been good for the process and most likely better for the New Hampshire taxpayers.
Priced to sell and competitively valued, this asset is a must have for any progressive portfolio.
The company is said to offer competitively priced carbon black sourcing and packaging.
Thank you in advance for your continued support to LTC Jarrett as he supports you and we competitively fill this critical position.
Many different types of insurance products are available; these programs are priced competitively for MTNA members.
This concept has allowed us to maintain our goal of creating closeness with the client and strong understanding of their needs while delivering competitively priced but profitable solutions.
He would not be drawn on what company or models IM Group was intending to bring to the UK and Europe but said they would be competitively priced and of high quality.
According to a news release issued by Sierra, John Sacco, president of Sierra International Machinery, and Sidney and ForrestWildes, owners of IPS Balers, are excited about the possibilities created from this partnership, which is described as a "natural," because both companies sell high-quality, competitively priced machinery that boasts high levels of efficient production.
Using the factor, that carrier will presumably rate good risks more competitively and bad risks less competitively than the market in general
I have been running competitively since elementary school.
The competitively priced McQuay ComfortPac units for zoned heating and cooling provide residents with an exact temperature setting and deliver quiet, efficient temperature control.
"Independent retail framers depend upon distributors to have quality, competitively priced mouldings in stock.