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[18] Caudate Lobe undergoes compensatory hypertrophy while rest of the liver shrinks as reported by many studies.
However, the functional consequences of focal hepatic atrophy are minor because the remaining liver can adapt by compensatory hypertrophy, a process that involves replication and enlargement of hepatocytes (STALKER & HAYES, 2007).
The radiological features of DDMS are distinctive, and may include cerebral hemiatrophy with several parenchymal changes and ipsilateral compensatory hypertrophy of the skull bone and sinuses.
A CT then showed an atrophic right kidney with compensatory hypertrophy of the left kidney, probably due to congenital right multicystic dysplastic kidney.
In the absence of interventions that decrease the left ventricular overload, an impairment in the chamber adaptation occurs, with a consequent increase in cell death and myocardial fibrosis, which lead to capillary density decrease, diastolic dysfunction, intraventricular conduction disorders, dilatation and further compensatory hypertrophy. (Folley et al 1995)
In addition to its vasoconstrictor actions, ET-1 plays a critical role in the functional deterioration of left ventricles during the transition from compensatory hypertrophy to CHF (Iwanaga et al., 1998).
In response to the increases in pressure, the retinal arterioles are submitted to vasoconstriction, which conducts to compensatory hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the smooth muscle layer.
Compensatory hypertrophy of the inferior turbinate is frequently seen when there is significant shifting of the nasal septum to the opposite side of the nose; compensatory hypertrophy of a middle turbinate, however, is less common.
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