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affording compensation

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Zinke's Beef with "Compensatory Mitigation?," WESTWISE
Most notably the new labor law repeals the regulations regarding the quadruple pay for overtime and stipulates that workers can choose to get paid for overtime or to have compensatory leave on a one-to-one basis.
Heilongjiang carp a x Jian carp a (Yj) combination had the highest catch-up like growth degree and the Heilongjiang carp a x Heilongjiang carp a (Yy) combination had no compensatory like growth.
In late November 2015, the State Council issued a verdict that raised the compensatory payment of infections from EGP 19 to EGP 1,000.
After March 2013, Tata Mundra UMPP (ultra- mega power projects) will be awarded compensatory tariff at 52 paise per unit, which will fetch the company ` 25,000 crore over the remaining life of the plant.
This investigation examined how behaviors are altered during compensatory growth after dietary restriction in a snake species.
As I have argued at length elsewhere, such a compensatory norm persuasively explains the important tort doctrines governing physical harm, (13) and so in part IV, I employ distributive economic analysis to show how the tort system can be conceptualized as a compensatory mechanism.
KOHAT -- :District Nazim Kohat, Muhammad Nasim Afridi Thursday distributed compensatory cheques of Rs0.5million each among heirs of victims of lightening incident at Soor Gul village here.
A jury in March awarded $5M in compensatory and $75M in punitive damages to Hardeman, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2014.
Although deprivation-re-feeding cycles have been implemented to show compensatory growthin some fish species, there are no studies showing the effects of fasting and re-feeding on brown trout (Kankanen and Pirhonen, 2009).
The company doesn't pay any extra wages or give us the option of taking a compensatory off.
The large punitive damages award is likely to be reduced due to US Supreme Court rulings that limit the ratio of punitive to compensatory damages to 9:1, it added.
The Retirees seek injunctive and declaratory relief in the form of an order requiring the [defendant] City [of Pawtucket] to recalculate and pay the pensions owed to the retirees with the cost of living adjustment ('COLA') benefits that had been denied, and compensatory damages for the breach of contract, Contracts Clause, and Due Process Clause claims.